Know when to bend

I crave Dr. Pepper and dark chocolate. I may have to splurge before classtime. I am always so worn out by the time I get there. I also ate a huge lunch. For $3.64 I got:  1/4 chicken, white rice, black beans, a roll, and fried plantains. Yes, I went to pollo Tropical (chee-ken on the greel, cha cha cha). Am I the only one who remembers their old radio jingle?

ANYway, I want to comment on something about my job. I don’t normally do this but the best piece of advice the former person in this job gave me was: be firm and set boundaries. I didn’t know what she meant until now. It’s not easy but I’ve been good so far.

I have about 2 hours until I teach. We’re being introduced to the research paper today so that should be… fun. They are always freaked out by the research aspect but it’s really not that bad. The book we read makes it pretty fun.

Visions of Dr. Pepper dance in my head… I must go… to… the Circle K….

2 thoughts on “Know when to bend

  1. I can see why in your job you’d need to be firm and set boundaries. Otherwise the silly little freshmen would think they can run over you.

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