I want this car




I really want an Element. At first, I tought it was inferior in exterior styling to the Scion xB. But the more I read about it and after Ash rode in one, I’m seriously considering it. I’ll need to test drive and all. But look how pretty!

P.S. When I start making the dough, I am SO buying stuff from LUSH. Shower Jellies rule!

12 thoughts on “I want this car

  1. I have owned two Honda’s and am endlessly impressed by their quality and performance. I am sure those features are a part of the Element as well, but I do not like how they look either. Nor the Scion. Plus, they are both SUVs and thus, evil not for me.

  2. My Dream Car! I will be so jealous. I will visit and make you drive me everywhere. Congrats on the new site now I can comment without having to join anything, glorious!

  3. That’s funny, I see a tiny little black smiley face at the very bottom of every page. I did a copy paste on it and this is what was returned:

    incognitus scriptor » Just another WordPress.com weblog”

    Perhaps it’s a default substitution for something I cannot view?

    Can anyone else see it?

  4. No…. try hitting control + F5. I’ve seen images on forums and blogs get cached incorrectly and when you pull up an unrelated page, images from a former page you’ve visited replace elements of the new one. Refreshing the page in this manner should clear that out.

  5. No, there are two JavaScripts called below the main content DIV. The first looks to capture statistical information, while the second appears to offer blog administrative functions if properly authenticated. It is hard to tell, but I believe the latter is generating the smiley face.

  6. Oh wait, now I see it too. Cute. It’s really tiny, Claire… I probably just missed it later. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and look at the verrrrry bottom. Tiny little smiley. Not even a head, just the eyes and mouth.

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