Friday Five – Gettin’ out of here

  1. Yesterday was Take Your Kid to Work day and I think it went really well; Isaac came with me (my daughter went with hubs) and he enjoyed it. There were four other kids here so even though he didn’t really associate with them, it made for a nice atmosphere in the office. We had a pretty light Session day and even got to leave by 5!
  2. We drove home in the worst rainstorm though. And apparently some people had major wind damage and even businesses were without power. A restaurant pretty close to us lost it and didn’t get it back for some time. Our lights flickered but never really went out.
  3. Which was good because we had about 20 people over for an NFL Draft party/bottle share. It was really fun! We smoked a Boston butt and then people brought sides and we had, basically, just enough food. Only a little bit of meat leftover! Love parties where there isn’t a ton of stuff we now have to work through because I hate wasting. Plus, we’re headed out of town…
  4. I leave in 30 mins to head home and get on the road to South Florida for a graduation party. It’s my dad’s side of the family – my cousins and their kids. I am pretty stoked for it because aside from our trip back in February to Vero, I have not really hung out with these cousins in a long time. We spent time together as kids, living only ten minutes from each other, but then we all grew up and had families and didn’t live very close. But Ash wants our kids to know more of my family and I think it’s a good thing overall. My oldest is not thrilled about it, that’s for sure! But he’s a teenage boy and I get it.
  5. While I am excited about being down there in the warmth and all, I am not looking forward to a. the drive and b. the coming back and having to hurry up and get all the laundry done. We have one more week of Session and then it’s over! Apparently, in the last week they change some deadlines and two of the days we have to be in at 6:30. I can do it, I just don’t particularly want to. Half the people in here can’t muster the strength to be in at 7:30, which is my usual time. We’re all gonna be a little delirious by Friday but then, a taco bar and Sine Die!

One thought on “Friday Five – Gettin’ out of here

  1. I remember years ago when take-your-kid-to-work was a new thing. The kids who came to my work were mainly interested in the free “vending” machines.

    Safe travels!

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