Friday Five – What was with traffic today?

  1. Honestly, I got every light and behind every slow Sunday driver on my way to work this morning. Since they have 8 am meetings, we’re supposed to be in by7:30 but yeah, that did not happen. I rolled up in here at 7:42. Oh well! I’m here now and that’s what counts. Have my cup of coffee and a donut for later. Someone brought them this morning, which is nice and all – for breakfast people.
  2. This week felt both long and short at the same time. Funny how our brains do that to us: in a moment we feel like time is passing exceedingly slowly but then, once something has past, you’re left in wonderment how quickly it went. Wednesday was super slow but then as soon as I got off work, it was rush rush – get Isaac, drop him off, head to a meeting with friends, then I was dead asleep in my chair! But now, Friday, we are almost 3 weeks into Session; 6 more to go.
  3. I have another 12 hour day ahead of me and then tomorrow, is another beer festival we’re serving at; once again, it’s supposed to be rainy. But I will say, sometimes the storms break apart on the coast so maybe where we are it won’t be so bad. Last week, the system stalled right over Perry – landlocked area that it is. Maybe we’ll get a break and it won’t be so miserable.
  4. Do you ever feel like you can’t have everything together at one time? For example, when I was in amazing shape and super healthy last year, I was struggling with money. Now I have the money covered but I’ve gone back to some bad eating habits. I’m not eating breakfast or anything but I’m allowing more weekday beer, which leads to snacking. Honestly, working these long hours in the office leads to the bad choices. I have got to go back to the once a week fasts. Ash says he’s not ready to go back to that commitment but I am going to try it. I was thinking I would fast all day Monday but since it’s my birthday – and there’s a chance there’s sweets in the office – I feel like I have to do Tuesday instead. I mean, today, there are four boxes of donuts. Four! That’s four entire dozens. Good Lord. Wish me luck; I’m gonna need it!
  5. I have a bunch of grading to do but I am pacing myself so I can work on it all day, which helps pass the time. I already had an amendment to edit this morning though so that’s good. You never do know what the workload will be during this time, it seems. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Friday Five – What was with traffic today?

  1. Yeah, work environments can make it tough on your diet. And of course, eating hardly any carbs causes cravings, so it’s tough. I really do well with a fast day but haven’t been doing it or eating the greatest myself. It will get easier this spring/summer. Happy birthday! Mine was the 13th.

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