Wednesday ‘Podge – There is no time to goof off

1. Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in some way? If so tell us how. Are you a fan of corned beef? Cabbage? The color green? 

Nope, not at all. Friday evening, right? I got home, walked with my daughter, cleaned, and sat on my butt. Corned beef is fine; don’t eat it often. Cabbage too is ok; there’s a southern cafe downstairs in my building and when they have it, I do enjoy it. Green is nice; I like a darker green; kelly green is too bright.

2. March 22nd is National Goof Off Day…will you celebrate? Your favorite way to goof off? Last time you had a whole day to spend ‘goofing off’? 

Ha! I will be at work. There’s no goofing off during Session! I guess for me, that entails the brief moments I can sit in my chair and play tablet games. I have not had a whole day doing that in a looong time.

3. Something on your to-do list that has been there more than a month? Will this be the month you finally cross it off? 

Cleaning my daughter’s room! Ash and my mom both say to make her do it but I HAVE; she does not ever do it fully. She jams crap into corners and her closet and it just moves from the center to the edges.

4. In your opinion, what emotion is the most beneficial? Which one is the least useful? 

Hmm, tough. I guess… determined? Yeah, because if you are, you will succeed. Least useful – I agree with our host: either envy or jealousy. It just makes you feel bad for no reason.

5. What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? Elaborate. 

OK, I’m going with run/play outside. I loved the carefree feeling of hurtling through the world and being unfettered by physical ailments, like when you get older. But even more so, just being physically present in all things; enjoying the world around me and my youth.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Finally here! I had to take Isaac to school today because he has a field trip to – funny enough – my work BUT they are meeting at the courthouse first and it was easier to just let him go with the group. Traffic is a lot worse at 8:30 compared to 7:15, that’s for sure. It’s not a nice day out, just generally foggy and gray, but the pollen seems to be in full force; my throat is itchy and I sneezed approximately one hundred and eight million times this morning alone.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – There is no time to goof off

  1. Getting kids to clean their rooms well is a losing battle, isn’t it? I always found it was, but I may not have set the best example for them. Enjoy whatever goofing off time you do get today!

    1. It’s useless to want someone else’s life, etc. You can maybe use certain aspects to propel yourself toward success but I mean, you still have to do it yourself.

  2. Oh boy…when our daughter’s room got to me I’d clean it thoroughly, too. Yep, envy and jealousy get you nowhere fast. That’s fun that the field trip comes to your place of work. Happy Spring to you!

  3. We’ve had rain all day and I’m happy about it, as that helps bring the pollen down. Still a long way to go though! I think having your kids clean their room is fine, but from time to time mom needs to step in and get the corners, baseboards, and spaces they miss. Ah, the days of waking up without having to inventory all the body parts and see if anything aches lol. I miss them too. Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. The pollen is overlaying everything on our porches and patio right now. I’ll work on that once it stops. Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Enjoyed your answers. Traffic is probably my biggest pet peeve…lol. Our small town has been getting worse and will only get more worse as they are planning on more building of apartments.

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