Wednesday ‘Podge – Christmas approaches!

1. What does Christmas mean to you? 

I guess for me, it embodies stress stress rush rush buy all the gifts and then RELAX with family. You spend all of December working towards something and then there’s the payoff. And it comes in little ways during the month: the rare quiet evening you get to wrap gifts, listen to Christmas music, and sip egg nog; the time you make to watch It’s a Wonderful Life; the second your kids come downstairs and are blown away by it all. And yes, I know the reason for the season is Christ and whatnot but I think we all tend to forget it in the hustle and bustle. This year we’ve vowed to go to Christmas eve mass though so it will all become obvious the true meaning as we sing in church.

2. What’s your favorite cozy holiday activity? 

I like sitting by the fireplace, especially if I can see the tree. This year it’s in a different corner so I cannot, but typically that’s my favorite.

3. Is all your shopping-wrapping-baking done? Tell us about your holiday plans.

My shopping is mostly done; need a few things for my parents and some stocking stuffers for the kids. Nothing is wrapped but my plan was to work on that next week after our party. I don’t intend to bake anything except Santa cookies probably on the 23rd, since I am off that day. Plan-wise, we have our annual Xmas party Friday, then Brew Club winter party Saturday. I don’t really know if we’ll see family around Xmas; my parents come Friday for our party and to see Elliot play soccer but they may be down south with my aunt.

4. If you were Santa what treat would you like to have left for you (it doesn’t have to be milk and cookies!) What sweet or savory treat do you most look forward to indulging in around the holidays? 

I want to know why folks don’t leave more brownies. I mean, I love a cookie, don’t get me wrong. But some really fudgie brownies might be nice. Holiday treats I like: egg nog and fruitcake. I know most folks seem to hate on the fruitcake but it is awesome! Savory-wise, I guess at parties I like when someone makes a charcuterie but that’s not holiday-specific. I can’t think of any others. Maybe a cheese log?

5. Next Wednesday is the first official day of winter (in the northern hemisphere). How does that make you feel? Tell us what you love most about winter? 

I live in Florida so most people think we never even see winter. We’ll get a couple months of cold weather, dropping into the 20s. I don’t feel excited about winter, that’s for sure. The cold – and especially gray days – get me down, I’m sure I have seasonal affected disorder or whatever. I guess if I have to choose something I like about it, it would be that the lower temps are better for running.

6. Enter your own random thought here:

Writing this Tuesday, of course, and I am really hungry! Yesterday I had a keto snack around 1 (macadamias, a beef stick and cottage cheese) then we had Mexican salads at home. Keto foods typically keep you fuller longer but I am just starving. Then I looked at the calendar and it is totally my week of the month to feel this way. I always have three or four ravenous days. I am probably eating in the work cafeteria today but I do wonder if it’ll be packed because Members are here for a special session.

Wednesday. Today feels better; everyone was stressed and annoyed at one another yesterday. Ash went out to watch soccer with some friends and then picked up Dakota, who had all of 10 minutes to change out of school clothes after piano lessons so she could go to dance. Then the rest of us went to Costco and the boys argued the entire time. Ugh! Tuesdays are the busiest! When we got home though, I made everyone happy: Costco chicken, leftover mashes and green beans for Isaac, some of the chicken and green beans for Ash, chicken tacos for Elliot, then when I got her, she had pizza roll-ups in the air fryer. Mom win!

Today is much more relaxed. All she has is school then soccer at 6 and then done. This is the kids’ last week so she’s having fun stuff (elementary) and the boys both have exams. Elliot exempted his Friday elective exams so he’ll stay home and help Ash prep for the party. It’s rainy today and supposed to get cool. We are doing things each night in preparation; last night we assembled the other kegerator tower (we have a three tap keyser but are employing this one too) and that took about an hour and half. Tonight we have to stage the garage for the photo booth and then I have other decorating/cleaning to work on. The milk stout we made for this party smells so good! We didn’t drink last night but I may have to sample it tonight. If it tastes as good as it smells, we’re gonna float that keg!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – Christmas approaches!

  1. Hubs just ordered a Highland Gaelic Ale for our kegarator for the holidays. My sons in law will both be here, plus we’re having a bunch of neighbors over for a holiday happy hour Monday and I imagine some will drink beer. My hubs has quite a bourbon collection though and he loves people to taste them. I am not a bourbon drinker. Have fun with all your holiday doings and the quiet of mass too. Church on Christmas Eve has become one of my favorite parts of the whole holiday, but with two babies in the house I think it will be too difficult to attend. Our family service is at 5 which is not a baby’s finest hour lol. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for Hodgepodging every week!

    1. That Highland ale is quite good; they should enjoy it. My husband also like bourbon and has a lot of them but he goes in phases with it. I don’t drink it often but we like to drink beer together so that’s our default. Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Costco Chicken is the best deal in the world. Glad you tweaked it for all the different preferences. Well done, mom. Home brew…yum. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. I always watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve. Of course there are other favorites I will watch before Christmas. Brownies is a good idea. We just had a Costco chicken on Monday. Take care.

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