Friday Five – SO much to do!

  1. It was definitely quite the feat getting back into work mode in my head. I needed that half day on Wednesday to catch up but then when I got into my office on Thursday, I struggled a little. But I managed to get grading done and edit some bills. But I definitely struggled with motivation. I guess time away will do that, especially when so much is still to do when you get home!
  2. If you caught my trip recap yesterday you know how much traveling we did. A few random observations: The Toyota Sienna is a roomy minivan and drives alright but the seats are highly uncomfortable; I used to love tater tots but I think these days, they don’t do it for me anymore; We saw an entire store dedicated to ‘man cave’ décor’; The surrounding Dallas area has, like, five Christmas light locations where you can view them in mass quantities.
  3. I was going to post some observations about my sister but I feel like that would be doing her wrong. Let’s just say that she lives her life very differently than I do and that’s ok. I just worry for her sometimes. You really do learn a lot about someone when you travel with them for days at a time and I think we are good on visiting them for a while! I also think my mom burned out on being with my children; haven’t heard from her in a couple days and she was in some kinda state when we got there! I could tell they’d run her ragged, even though she claimed they were generally easy.
  4. I realized this morning that I wasn’t in a very good mood, though I’m not sure why. And I reflected on how BAD I felt this summer when money was tight and I had no new job prospects. Funny how you can fix one problem (money) and still feel bad. Turns out, money can’t fix everything, you know?
  5. Even though I do love December and Christmas, etc… I can’t help but feel like this month is always so jam-packed that it creates unneeded stress and worry. Granted, I am in charge of how I handle things but I most definitely feel entirely overwhelmed. Just in the next two days alone I have to: get Isaac to the church for a living Nativity, go to a Christmas party tonight, take Dakota to soccer at 11 tomorrow, take her to a local park for a dance performance at 5, put up the rest of my decorations because our party is next Friday, then plot out what Dakota will wear for next week’s dress up stuff. It’s all so exhausting!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – SO much to do!

  1. Tater tots still do it for me, but it could be the whole “tots, baby!” feelings I get when I see them. They definitely need more flavor… how about adding bacon to them?

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