Friday Four (only) – Early publish due to travel

  1. By the time this goes live, I’ll be on the road to Dallas. We left after work Thursday for Pensacola then early Friday to move on. I’m writing this on Thursday and to backtrack, my son (the one with the concussion) did not get cleared to play and God help you if you have a kid playing high school sports. SO many confusing and frankly, convoluted rules. So it is what it is and I had to let a lot of things go. Don’t like it, but it is what it is.
  2. I’ve gotten much better at handling things little at a time, one moment at a time. Sometimes I sit back and look at too much (like how we have to drive almost three hours tonight then ten tomorrow) and I get panicky. So even as I sit here with the weight of all this on me, I feel…ok. Content even.
  3. I have taken hardly any photos lately, which irks me because I’m normally good about it. Obviously we’ll take a bunch on this trip but I’m also worried that simply getting out of the habit will mean I keep forgetting to do it. For example, we had a happy hour for brew club last night and I am now technically the publications manager so I mean, I should have taken some shots to post to our facebook page but instead, I did it old school and simply enjoyed talking to friends. I like it but also wish I’d documented.
  4. Have you been to Dallas? Are there any things I MUST see? As noted, we’re going to eat BBQ, possibly see the Stockyards in Ft. Worth, and we are going to a Cowboys game and doing a stadium tour the next day. We’re busy but will make time for a few other things.

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