MMMM + Nice long weekend

I’m really trying to get going here with work work but I had to write my next A to Z post and now I’m just enjoying the back and forth between some work and some writing.

We had a long four days; I am counting Thursday because it felt crazy. I had two, 1.5 hour tutoring sessions amidst other work and then we took Isaac to soccer then went to Brew Club. We used to have between 40 and 50 people at every meeting but after Covid, attendance has dropped off A LOT. Anyway, we usually get about 12-15 and this time, that’s what we had BUT we also had 9 homebrews! That’s a lot. One Christmas meeting we had 14, for the normal large number. Anyway, good times that evening!

Friday was a day off for the kids and also, my son’s birthday! We started with his gifts – Legos, puzzles, and Mad Libs, then went to lunch at Outback then saw that new Secrets of Dumbledore movie. Not a bad day overall!

On Saturday, I got up and cleaned because we were to have guests later but around lunch, we went out to a friend’s while he brewed. We were going to make more lemon wine but opted to just hang out. A few others from the homebrew group came so it was a very fun time. Got home at 6:45, right as our other friends were pulling in. We watched that new USFL league’s first game, which was pretty cool. Nice to have football during non-NFL times.

Sunday we hade zero plans and I was happy for it. Started the day slowly, cleaned a bit, then got started on Easter things: younger two opened their baskets (oldest was at a sleepover) then we hid some eggs for them. Oldest got home and then we prepped for a mid-afternoon meal of steak, baked potatoes, and green beans. Super yummy. In the afternoon, we did some beer maintenance: transferred two completed brews and pitched another. We also made a new batch of the lemon wine (affectionately called “skeeter pee”) and got the yeast starter going. We pitched that this morning. We are going to have some much on tap, it’s not even funny! We may need more ways to store/serve it soon. But we have another beer fest in September and some of it will be gone then anyway.

Anyway, we had a crazy storm last night – complete with house shaking thunder – but now the sun is out and I feel motivated. My mom’s coming through town later so I need to get all my work done before. Now, onto the music!


There is a dog/cat/pet theme and I admit to being kind of stumped. I guess I’ll pick this one; a little sad but fits the theme.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Nice long weekend

  1. So sad and it made me cry for the loss of our Angel Little Bit. Not a bad cry, just a missing cry.

    Have a fabulous day and week. 🙂

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