A to Z Challenge – Day 12

L is for Lasagna

This is a short one but for some reason, I was thinking about my grandma this morning. She died quite a few years ago (January 2015) but I was very fond of her. We saw my mom’s parents often because they lived only an hour north of us. She had all these little quirky things about her that I always associated. For one, she never asked anyone if they were done doing something, it was always “Are you through?” I don’t know why that one stuck out.

She was very fond of soap operas and sometimes I’d hear her curse at the TV. Nothing over the top, she’d just be intently watching one of her “stories” and she’d muttered “Well, shit.” I assume some character did something she was shocked by. It makes sense she liked soaps, judging from her extensive book collection.

She was a gin woman and fooled me often. If I asked if she had a water I could take a sip of, she’d kindly pass me her tumbler and I’d get fooled by the horrible taste!

But her lasagna holds a special place in my heart. Not just because it was SO GOOD but because she ALWAYS made it when we came to visit. Even after she died, my grandpa and aunt carried on with that tradition and to this day, that’s the first meal I think to make if we are having company. I don’t know how close to her recipe mine is but I remember the taste of hers so vividly.

For funsies, here’s a pic of (from L to R) my mom, me, my grandma, and grandpa. Looks like a big fat ham on the table so maybe Easter? But I thought this one fit the bill.

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