Wednesday Hodgepodge – Easter approaches

1. Do you celebrate Easter? If so what are your plans this year? Did you have egg hunts as a kid? 

I wrote about this for my 5th day of the A to Z challenge actually. We definitely celebrated when I was a kid and put the emphasis on church over the Easter Bunny, though he did visit us. This year, he will visit my kids (baskets are already created) and the youngers want me to hide plastic eggs, as we have always done, but we will see if I’m doing that one! We do not go to church.

2. What’s your favorite bread to find in a bread basket? 

I guess just a basic French bread – lots of butter. I don’t really eat bread anymore so I can’t be a reliable source here. We recently began eating both Killer Dave’s White done right and the Keto bread as toast and both are much better for you.

3. Your favorite chick flick? 

Wow, I am not sure I can answer that. I don’t think there are any “typical” ones I can say. Some of my favorite romance stories are as follows: An Affair to Remember, The American President, and Groundhog Day.

4.Tax day is rapidly approaching in the US of A…what’s something you currently find ‘taxing’? 

Ugh, lack of money. My typical gigs dried up a bit so I have been on the hunt for both part time and full time work. I need to rearrange my life again, as I did in 2019. I quit a full time office job – it was time! – but now I need to reorganize. I am really really hoping for this part time grant writer gig at the same community college where I teach. It’s actually run by someone I know and the hours and pay would be great; basically, 2000 a month, which would be exactly what I’d need to have consistency and keep my other online teaching. What is taxing though is the waiting, the worrying in between. I am a mess in that time and just trying to keep it together

5. Have you ever ridden in a taxi? Do you have a funny-scary-crazy-interesting taxi story to share? Do you use any of the newer taxi-like services such as Uber? 

I have – in New York City – and yes, I thought we might die multiple times. Mexico was the same way, though that was an Uber. Is there truly a difference? We use Uber whenever we travel. Not always; like when Ash and I went to Destin/Niceville, we walked to a lot of places but we did Uber home.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Doing about a 48 hour fast right now. We ate around 3:45 yesterday – steak with garlic butter, green beans, and baked potatoes. Super yum. The plan is to skip today then eat tomorrow while Isaac is at practice and then we have Brew Club right after. I have done 48 hours before and for some reason, I am worried about it. Though, if I stay busy, I should be alright. I have a tutoring session this afternoon then that workshop I’d mentioned where they said it was a class of middle schoolers but turns out to be 1st graders! Um, how might one run a creative writing workshop for kids that young? Yeah, I’m gonna have to figure it out. I do believe we’ll start by reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar, then see if we can replicate details. Sigh. It’s a big stressor on me but I can’t let that bother me. I have to be tough here.

I will say, I have found myself doing a lot of praying lately. I grew up Catholic and God was a big part of my early life. But I feel bad now when I really only turn to him when I am scared or worried. But isn’t that what, pragmatically, prayer really is? A way to steel yourself for the tough things in life? Let’s hope he hears my prayers though and I can start feeling more secure in what I’m going through with these job changes, etc.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Easter approaches

  1. Wow! There is a huge difference between first graders and middle school kids! Also, I’m not an expert BUT I do believe God is always with us and always willing to hear our prayers – no matter how or when we pray.

  2. I think God wants to hear from us and there is no wrong time to pray. I cannot imagine going 48 hours without food. Just reading that made me want to grab a snack lol. I hope the job situation improves and the position you are seeking materializes soon. Happy Easter.

  3. My relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with pragmatism and all about a personal relationship. It’s not about my performance but all about what Jesus did on the cross (Easter) for me and the whole world. No matter what I do or don’t do God is the same and there and willing to save and to help and to comfort. He did it all. Hope you get your job changes to work for you and they are successful!

  4. Sounds like it will be a lovely Easter day. Enjoy! I love Dave’s Bread but I haven’t tried the white. Those are good movies you listed. Wishing you the best of getting a new job. Hope you did okay with your fast. Happy Easter to you and your family.

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