MMMM + Send good/new job vibes, pls

Ugh, all I really wanted to do this morning was to keep reading. A couple years ago, my friend and I discovered an author, LJ Shen, in our wheelhouse (that is to say, one who write naughty romance novels) and we delved into her series like crazy. I read this one out of order, starting with Devon and Belle’s story, then moved onto Hunter and Sailor and now I’m blasting my way through Cillian and Persephone. I love this author’s style so much. I also really love enemies to lovers stories. Because regular fall-in-love stories are boring and outdated!

So anyway, busy weekend, of course. You know me! Friday, I did some good work in the morning then we ran errands. In the afternoon, my oldest son took us out to eat because he wanted to – now that he has an actual job he wanted to do something nice for us. It was also a good lesson because damn, everything is so expensive! We even opted for a place with <10 dollar lunch specials. Anyway, we hung out in the afternoon then took him to work and we mostly just watched episodes of The Office. I really never thought I’d watch it because the few episodes I’d seen were not that funny to me. But now I am kind of hooked and I see why Pam and Jim’s wedding was like, the thing of that year for fans of the show.

I had a minor meltdown that day about money. As mentioned, it’s all been kind of a mess this semester because of lack of classes and consistency. Ash pointed out how I just need something reliable all the time so I sat down for an hour and just applied to stuff. The one I hit on that I am REALLY hoping for is this part time grant writer thing at TCC. The thing that gives it promise is that the point person listed on the job site is someone I have known a very long time; used to be in our close friend group until she got divorced, moved, then came back here. She was my other friend’s neighbor and good friend, way back when I was pregnant for the first time. I messaged her about it so maybe she’ll take pity on me and at least entertain hiring me. I don’t want to come off as desperate and bother her too often but I will probably wait to see if she gets back to me again this week then message her if not. I would love a 20-25 hour thing so I can keep my other online stuff.

Anyway, Saturday started nice and slow, then my daughter had a birthday party to attend, Elliot had a noon game, then we went to Ology to pick up this special beer they made, then we went back out to Isaac’s 3:30 game. I didn’t want to do much else but the neighbors invited us over. I can really only stand hanging out with them once every three or four months so I guess it was time.

On Sunday, we had zero plans and I was thankful for it. Laundry, cleaning, tacos for lunch, a walk in the evening.

Today, as mentioned, I cannot seem to get going on work but I am slowly working my way into it. About to try and craft another A to Z post then get after it!


Looks like a freebie week so let’s talk about smooth moves. As noted last Friday, been listening to the Deep Cuts of Yacht Rock so here’s a couple for ya.

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