Random Tuesday – I’m so exhausted

As you can see, I missed Monday blogging. It was the kind of weekend where we were so busy that we were hardly at the house at all. I got into bed Sunday and last night thankful to be home in my bed and feeling like I really want to stay home for a good long while.

On Friday, Ash and I did some general things around the house, then had burgers for lunch. I had a 2 pm zoom call then my son went to the neighbors’ to mow their lawn, then my daughter had piano and THEN I made dinner. I fed the neighbor kid too because, why not? My middle was running all over with his neighborhood buddies and we watched Cheers until I was too tired to stay up.

Saturday morning, we had to get up early to get to the race on time. Lucky for us, this one actually begins and ends in front of my husband’s work building so we got to use the nice bathrooms before, since he brought his badge. The younger two ran just the 5k and Ash and I, the 10. I felt comfortable with my training but I definitely should have maintained a longer long run after the 15k in February because I was struggling. My knee did not, in fact, hang in there and the hills killed me. It was my slowest time for 6 miles. Sigh. Ash did very well though. Dakota was slow for a 5k (31 mins) but came in 2nd in her division and got a coaster/award. Pretty cool.

This race is renowned for having beer at the end and I am proud of them: in the past they’ve had local beer in kegs but then the last couple times we went, they cheaped out and had cans. This year, they got our smallest local brewers, Fool’s Fire, to serve. I didn’t care for their beer when I had it in the taproom but the stuff they had Saturday was better.

We could only stand around until 10 because Isaac had soccer at 11 – except that got cancelled. It started raining a wee bit and lightning so games were called. Elliot only got half his in anyway (our friends and teammate had picked him up while we were all running). So this afforded us time to go home and shower, which we were not originally going to do; we’d brought clothes to change into at the race but would not have had time. So anyway, we’d planned to meet up for lunch with our regular friend group as a belated bday thing for me but the cancelled games meant we could get food even sooner. So we went to the local pizza place and then, went back to Tiffanie ‘s place after.

I had said to Ash last week, when plans were formulating, that maybe I didn’t want to do anything because if we did, we’d end up hanging out/drinking all day. And yeah, I called it. The kids went back to our house and we went to our friends’, then it was a series of things after: another of Elliot’s friends came over to spend the night too, one of the boys got taken home, Dakota ended up going to her friend’s house to spend the night, and we got home around 10. I was beat! We’d left the house at 7 and were not home but for maybe an hour throughout the whole day.

Sunday morning, I felt motivated so I cleaned up (all those feral children made a mess) and I even made breakfast: bacon, egg, and cheese crescent rolls for the boys. I feel bad because I’m usually reluctant to let kids stay over and then, I am not normally the mom who gets right up and makes a big meal. But they all really liked it. One by one kids left, my daughter came back over to shower but went back with her friend to some Spring festival where they got face paint and snow cones, etc.

Meanwhile, I did laundry and then by 12:30, we were leaving for Southern Fields brewery. It’s about an hour and twenty away but we’d planned to go last week. One other couple met us out there and we had fun. Came back around 5:30 and hit up the brewery on the other side of town. They’re never amazing but it was their 7th anniversary. Didn’t feel very special though. Lol. But yeah, long exhausting weekend.

Monday was busy as well. We finally devised a beer recipe on our own, instead of just buying a kit, so we got right into it and didn’t even finish until after 1. Got lunch, did more cleaning, then became child bus service: Koda to dance, Elliot to his first day reffing baseball for the city, then onto how soccer practice. Got home and fed people and did dishes then promptly fell asleep. We are currently watching the Office, because we never have. (I know I know, I’m way behind but it never seemed funny before) I hate that I keep falling asleep because honestly, I can appreciate their style and the humor.

Anyway, day 3 of the challenge coming soon. What will I reminisce about today???

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