Friday Five – Need to slow down but can’t

  1. I am grading (as always) and trying to get my brain straight. The day started off early: woke at 6:50 and got showered right away because I had to drop one kid off early for a field trip and take another to TOC for his final leg appointment. He is all healed! It’s been basically 11 months since he broke it.
  2. Yesterday was an odd sort of mid-week break. I had a meeting with a student online then both Ash and I ran; he did 7 and I went 6 and my knee was none too happy on the uphills, that’s for sure. I’d had the pain last week so I’d backed off but our 10k is next Saturday and I needed to be sure I could still comfortably run. I do feel like I mostly had my endurance, though I did hit the “I ate keto yesterday” wall around 4.5. Before the race, I will for sure carb up. Anyway, the rainy weather from Wednesday persisted through Thursday so while it was not a pretty run, I finished it. He and I waited to eat because he’d invited his friend and the guy’s brother to watch soccer all day. And when I say all day, I am not kidding. They came around 2:30 and didn’t leave until midnight! I thought they might go earlier but nope. Ash was aware that it bothered me and I got some major props for “allowing” it. LOL.
  3. Today, I am planning to eat Mexican food and get prepared for tomorrow’s oyster/beer fest. A little town named Panacea combined their two festivals this year and we are serving our brew there. While I am looking forward to it, I am also a little stressed. Thankfully, our friend and his dad are coming to help and they offered to drive! It’s about 50 minutes away to the coast. It will be a long day but hopefully a fun one; looks like it’ll be sunny at least!
  4. Sunday is my birthday and I really have nothing planned at all. I believe my parents will be coming back through town and we’ll maybe have dinner with them but I didn’t plan an outing. Maybe we’ll just have burgers. We always go out to eat for a birthday but this year things seem all wonky. Maybe if the festival wasn’t the day before or maybe if I felt like it was ok to spend money eating out or maybe if I wasn’t the kind of weirdo person who doesn’t want anyone making a big deal about my birthday. I just don’t like all the fuss.
  5. As I said, it is sunny and you know how I feel about that – it’s wonderful! But it is also a little too cool for my liking but then again, it is only March after all. Not for much longer of course. It’s crazy how quickly everything is moving, it seems. I am trying not to panic when I look at the April Calendar but it is PACKED! All fun things but also, just a lot to juggle. I am going to need to be strong, that’s for sure.

One thought on “Friday Five – Need to slow down but can’t

  1. happy birthday a little early! It is a little cool here in the greater Birmingham area – only warming into the 60’s today. The sun is shining though. A new brewery has opened near us and I’m going to try to convince hubby to go this afternoon. I don’t like beer but I love checking out new spaces!

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