Random Tuesday – Look at me all blogging and stuff

  • This indeed will be a random list; my brain is very wonky right now. I was in a fog all day (Monday) and I just couldn’t seem to think straight. BUT, that made me a good worker. Not for work work, mind you but around the house stuff. I put laundry away and cleaned stuff and marked items off my extensive to-do list. The ability to grind was somehow stronger but using any sort of thinking? Right out the window.
  • Sunday, at the Beer festival, a guy tapped me on the shoulder, recognizing me from FSU. I always liked the guy; he worked in the building next to mine and because our TA offices were there, he had to give them card access. I looked up his FB profile and it appears he’d probably not accept my request anyway; we’re pretty disparate and I’ve been burned before. They don’t want to friend me but take note: I’m not the one cancelling them.
  • So, my husband takes his wedding ring off when he runs because it bothers him. He usually puts it in one of three or so places. Well, on one of the weekend days – can’t remember which – my son saw it in the laundry room and rook it to him. He was about to run again so the story my kids retell is that said he was going to put it on then take it off in our room. Well now we can’t find it! It’s been over 16 years and this has not happened, so why now? We’ve looked basically everywhere so at this point, I’m praying to St. Anthony and hoping for the best. But it is irritating me because I’m the one who finds things; I’m good at it. And now I’m failing.
  • It’s COLD today; 42. November is always really cold, then December warms a bit. One last place to search for the ring is in the backyard. It’s never fallen off his hand but he and Isaac have been throwing the ball back there lately. But do I want to go out there and search in this weather? Heck no.
  • I did a pretty good two mile run the other day in prep for the Thanksgiving 5k and the other night, I was kind of thinking maybe I’ll take a stab at the Pensacola double bridge run again. It’s a 15k, which I don’t feel is a bad training plan and now is certainly the time. The question is whether I am dedicated to doing it or not.
  • I’m going back and forth between Ice Nine Kills (metalcore) and Christmas music today, which I realize it pretty bipolar but they both make me feel happy in different ways.
  • I took a new approach to my online courses at one college this term to avoid some of the recent misunderstanding issues; I’m making videos with further explanation. However, one of my sections is, only 2 weeks in, having another problem: they’ve taken the class before, failed, and are turning in the old work. Sadly, this self-plagiarism is not allowed. I have never had so many in one class though, so that’s kind of depressing.
  • I’m going to wear my heated socks today because of the cold; one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given!
  • I caught up on most things but I am still up in the air on some stuff. My plan is to head to class then go to the grocery store, eat, then get back to the grind. I am motivated so that helps!

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