Thursday bullets

  • I’m ahead in three classes and back to “ignoring” this fourth. It’s not that I am not doing work, but I keep forgetting to check emails. I have a whole lot to do but this is my goal for today: read and answer all emails for NCstate college. I need to stop running from obligations that scare me.
  • I’m feeling particularly nostalgic today but I can’t put a finger on anything particular. I just know it makes me want to sit outside and listen to James Taylor’s “Walking Man”. Weird, I know.
  • Maybe it’s this nicer weather or the change in seasons that is indeed happening. Maybe it was the Hunter’s Moon yesterday. The night before, I slept like total trash and so did my husband and middle boy. If you don’t believe there’s some pull of the moon then you aren’t paying attention.
  • Do you ever go through phases of your life where you both like and hate what the status quo is? I’m hard-pressed to find a good way to explain this but while I love that my kids are self-sufficient at this age, my middle is almost done with soccer and the kids are all doing well grade-wise, I feel like something is missing in our lives. And it’s not for lack of stuff to do; if you read my blog then you know how busy we are. As an example, here’s what’s upcoming: Friday we are brewing then we have a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, Isaac has a soccer game Saturday, Sunday is typical football. Next weekend is Isaac’s final soccer tournament so, one game Friday, two Saturday. Then we have party at 6 (the friend I mentioned who does the haunted house), then we trick or treat Sunday. The following weekend is the Tallahassee BrewFest, where we will be serving our beer. The following weekend, Ash and I are taking a weekend trip to Destin.
  • Sounds like a lot, I know, but I like to keep busy. I am so not good at just sitting around. But I also feel like I need an actual true vacation. But what would that look like? I mean, I honestly cannot decide. The Texas trip where we drove to different cities and ate and drank is about the best one I can think of.
  • Speaking of eating and drinking, I was bad this past weekend. I had three days in a row of eating two meals! You know I’m used to eating only once a day now. Somehow I have hit a new weight low even in spite of my indiscretions. When I began keto/ intermittent fasting I weighed 158. Today, I was 118.3. It just goes to show that once you become fat adapted and your body turns to that as a fuel source, you’re good to go. (Even when you eat a cookie or two after each keto meal! Ooops.)
  • When I finish my class today, in which I am being observed as well – fun!, I have to high-tail it across town to pick up a shirt I got for Elliot and then hit the store for a couple things for dinner. Then I have a series of conferences between on and one thirty. One of my students had to have 3 as her time, which I feel like is too late BUT will make me sit at my computer and I’ll get my work done. So I guess, no complaints.
  • That said, I have a student meeting, well, NOW, and then I go to class from there. Hope everyone reading this is doing well!

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