MMMM + MASSIVE catch up day

It’s been, well, more than a week since I really felt like myself. You know, it started with my husband out of town then this sinus infection I’ve been battling. I hate these things. Your head is all heavy and gross and, at least for me, it comes and goes based on how aggressive I get about treating it. Before the weekend, I was doing boiling water and Vicks in a bowl about 3 times a day, and that cleared me up real good. But then we left Friday for Jacksonville so I was so-so on treating this thing. I forgot to take my supplements Friday and we had beer and Cheesecake Factory, which doesn’t help.

Let’s backtrack. Friday, I took Dakota to camp then Elliot to Lincoln for orientation. We walked his whole schedule and he was feeling a lot better about going to high school. Stupid me didn’t even take any pictures! OMG, so dumb. But I wasn’t feeling my best. I got home and started a little laundry and then took Isaac out to middle school orientation. That one was easier because I’m familiar with that school. We banged his out real quick and were done so I could finish packing. My parents got into town around 1 and we headed to Jax, a mere 10-20 minutes ahead of my sister and her boyfriend. We got in around 3:45 or so and they were not far behind. We cracked a beer and then decided to go to Intuition Aleworks. My sister doesn’t drink beer so she drove us around. We then found a liquor store and Ubered to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Man was I stuffed! You probably should not drink on a sinus infection, just word of advice.

The next morning, Ash and I ran some errands early because I forgot a couple things. Around 11 we went to the shopping area to hit Lush and just hang out. We went to Publix and got food to make at the airbnb and by around 5, we were eating burgers and whatnot. Good stuff. We really just hung out then, watching movies and stuff. All in all, a nice time. On Sunday, we hung around just long enough to eat at Chuys as soon as it opened then got on the road. I was feeling pretty stuffy in my head by the time we got home and didn’t want to do much but laundry awaited. Had to take Elliot across town for a birthday dinner for a friend but then I was dead in the chair. LOL.

I woke feeling pretty good today though. 4/5 of us ran. Dakota is officially in 10k training (for a November run, but still) so Ash took her and then did his sprints. Isaac has cross country tryouts next Monday so he did a 2 miler then I did my hiit sprints right after. I feel pretty good now and hope this sinus issue is going away. Getting really tired of it.


Freebie week and I barely know what to play. If we’re being honest, I haven’t been listening to much music lately. I mean, I’ll thrown on something fast and angry for sprints and it’s always yacht rock time in my office. So I’m sharing two songs I just really love. And you know, I tend to share one hard and one soft song. Because I myself am this dichotomy.

One thought on “MMMM + MASSIVE catch up day

  1. That is some real dichotomy there. For Slaughter to Prevail, husband first said, my kind of music but his sinus issues have been flaring, and about a minute in, he changed his mind. Too intense for him. So of course, with Poco, he had to say it was my kind of music. Not entirely, but yeah, they did put out some good stuff.

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