Brain bits – mid April

  • Huh; my annual summer money freak out came earlier than expected. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I do this, pretty much, once a year. I get my last few full checks from teaching in April and May then June through mid July is rough. I shouldn’t panic because it always sort of works itself out. But still, I always did think that if I put in a certain amount of worry, that would somehow fix it. I realize this is stupid.
  • Wednesday was really nice: Ash, his dad, and I went to McGowan’s with Brian and his dad. We had a great time just chatting and eating and drinking. We sat out on our deck for a bit afterwards, since weather was nice. After they left, we took the younger kids to the park and played frisbee and just spent time together. I hope Ash looks back at this time spent with his dad and cherishes it; I hope it was what he was hoping. I know he had plans to sit and watch movies with his dad, maybe record them talking. But that hasn’t really happened yet. Thursday, we let our oldest stay home so he could spend time with grandpa too. They walked trails in the AM and we went to lunch. In the afternoon we built a model rocket and shot it off at the local park. It went off 3 times and returned but on the 4th launch, we lost it.
  • Today, we let the two youngers stay home and now they’re off on a walk while I finish up work. I know school is “important” but I also think seeing family is. In fact, maybe moreso than a Friday towards the end of the year for a 2nd and a 5th grader.
  • It’s kind of cool today (in the 40s) and I tend to forget that April will surprise us with some wonderful temperatures before it gets to the typically unbearable Florida summer heat. Admittedly, I don’t mind heat very much. And even less so now that I am a mere 6 pounds away from my wedding weight. Can you believe it? When I first dieted in 2004, I lost about 47 pounds. Over the years of being pregnant on an off, I got back down to about 10-15 pounds away from wedding weight, my lowest. So between keto and intermittent fasting, I am finally regaining that.
  • Truthfully, I am ready for our company to leave, even though he is not in our way at all. It’s just exhausting trying to squeeze family time into my work schedule. Ash took off work so he is free of that burden. But I still had all kinds of stuff that needs to be done.
  • I told you last week about our new-ish across the street neighbors having an ambulance come in the night and it was their kid, who must have been very ill. She was back home the next day, I think. Someone left Get Well balloons on the doorstep. Well, this morning, a cop car was there and a Pop-a-Lock truck. I watched for a bit and once the lock guy left, they opened the door and… took out their kids! These folks locked their kids in the car! Look, I’m not judging. They have two small ones and I remember being in a brain fog all the time when mine were young but wow. That seems crazy! Luckily they were at home. But also, don’t you have a back up key? They might get one now!!
  • I’m almost caught up on my AtoZ stuff. R posted today and I am working on S to post tomorrow.  It’s been fun recounting and challenging myself. I also love that I’ve been writing more. It’s very cathartic in my otherwise hectic world. On that note, both my oldest and youngest has games tonight at the same time so once my FIL is on his plane back home, we still have things to do!

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