MMMM + Creative rain theme + good and bad

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Hmm, I guess my weekend was pretty good, though wonky at times too. On Friday, Ash and I did our work until about 12 then went to Costco for healthy foods. We’ve gotten a little more serious about that. We’ve been intermittent fasting for a while now but it’s time to get more into grass fed meats and low carb everything. I’ve done keto before so this isn’t new. Just the next step. We were going to push our meal to dinner since we planned to have beer and pizza but we got hungry so we had air fryer asparagus and ground bison. Such a good meal! But we did blow it in the evening with the bad foods while we watched a movie with the neighbors. Oh yeah, we had bad rain so Dakota’s baseball game was canceled.

We went into Saturday knowing that soccer would also be canceled; fields were wrecked and it was still pouring. So we spent the morning watching Premier League (my boy Alisson and Liverpool were playing. Hands down, hottest footballer. Oof.)

My mom and her friend were driving back through after a mini vacation at the lake so they stopped in for about 20 mins and then Ash and I went to thrift stores. We found quite a few things: board games, an egg timer for Dakota to use so she gets out of the shower in a timely manner, a cool stylized wooden sign with the pledge of allegiance. Ash found a couple small things too so it was a successful afternoon. That evening, we met up with Tiffanie and Kenny at World of Beer. Ash and I had moved our one meal to dinner so I was REALLY ready for that food. We split the pretzel and nacho appetizers then I had tacos and beer. Overall, a great time. We almost always do stuff with them in a group (if you don’t count the myriad times we drank at their house over Covid) so it was nice to just be the four of us.

When we got home, I was feeling pretty awake so we decided to watch Tequila Sunrise because, you know, young Kurt Russell. Plus, an 80s movie I hadn’t seen? And with big actors? Come on. It was alright; they tried for the noir effect but it wasn’t super well done. A little bit of an unclear plot but I enjoyed it on the whole.

On Sunday it was still rainy/overcast and I was getting really tired of that shit, to be honest. Made steak and veggies for lunch – keto meal number one – then I just sort of stewed. Sure I did laundry but I was in one of those, don’t want to sit around but not motivated to do anything moods. So I was generally irritated. By 4, we managed to get up into storage and rearrange bins and boxes so now we can actually access stuff. So that felt good. Made chicken and mac and cheese for the kids then Ash and I had keto meals. He tried pepperoni the way they recommend: broiled in the oven then dipped in marinara sauce. I had a super healthy meal with organic carrots and cauliflower in hummus, cottage cheese, pickles, and olives. Go me!

Today, I have some student conferences and I have already had one success: got the younger registered for summer camp. They’re still running it like morons this year due to COVID rules or whatever but I do still think something is better than sitting around here. Elliot aged out so he’ll be here but the younger two will do six total weeks of camp. Last summer, when everything shut down, I did manage to find a couple camps still operating and they did 3 weeks; it made a huge difference. Now, I skipped session one in case we follow through on this idea we had a few days ago about taking a trip with my parents. Just the four of us. With Ash’s dad coming next week he’s thought a lot about spending time with elderly parents because they wont’ always be around. So my idea was to drive from Pensacola to San Antonio, stopping along the way to see stuff. I think that would be really cool. We shall see how it pans out’ the plan is to have the kids stay in my parents’ house and my sister and Justin can just live there for the duration of our vacation. They live 10 minutes up the road anyway.

So, let’s go ahead and move onto the theme today which has to do with weather.

They say April showers bring May flowers, so make it rain people!  Be creative about where your source of moisture comes from.

OK well, let’s just go with what comes to my head.

So I started thinking about creative “moisture” and thought about the myriad songs about tears. A quick youtube search found this one, since I do kind of listen to some of this new metal core stuff. Actually, this one isn’t bad at all and it is new to me!

Now, what brings rain? A storm of course. Love this one:

2 thoughts on “MMMM + Creative rain theme + good and bad

  1. Surprised that I didn’t know the Fleetwood Mac song. The other two I knew. Bullet for my Valentine is more my spouse’s speed but I love Neil Sedaka.

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