MMMM + I tried to write more last week but didn’t

I legit had a bulleted post set up each day and I was detailing my life and then I never did post it. I finally have most things in my classes up to date, which was a huge relief because the week before, I was really feeling stretched quite thin. I was not on top of anything and whenever something came up that reminded me how I should have been more on the ball, I felt depressed instead of motivated to fix it. Last week though, I finally pulled myself up by the bootstraps and got to work. So I rewarded myself by doing absolutely nothing all weekend.

My husband felt a little under the weather all week, on and off. You know, kind of tired, kind of just run down. So Friday, we literally did nothing but sit and watch shows. We finished up Ted Lasso, which I recommend if you have Apple TV. I didn’t think I’d like it but the characters really grew on me. Then we started watching this show called Wayne which is interesting and funky but so far, so good. The weekend was all football games (Elliot played great – a 2 point conversion catch and an interception; Isaac hurt himself laying out for a flag pull but recovered ok even though they lost) and then lunch and hanging out. Actually, Saturday was a very nice day. We only drank a little bit of beer, played Wits and Wagers with the kids, and then Ash and I played some Silverstrike bowling (video game.)

On Sunday, ran four miles then made lunch and watched football. In the evening, we took a walk to pick up trash in the neighborhood and then I was done; so tired! I wish I could muster the energy these days. Actually, Friday I stayed awake but I cheated: I had coffee at like, 3 pm. I was feeling pretty tired and the kids had just gotten home and it was overcast so I drank that cup of coffee and felt infinitely better.

This week, I’m still catching up but I see the end in sight. TCC ends on the 4th of December so then I get a really nice long break from the tiring Zoom meetings. I literally had a class with only 4 kids in it the other day. This kills them too, I guess. Anyway, let’s get onto the music.



This week’s theme is for singers/songwriters (and I’m taking the liberty of band members) born in the month of November.

First up, Def Leppard’s drummer, Rick Allen. Here’s a song that has great drum moments, at least, to me.

Another singer born in this month was Glen Frey of Eagles fame, may he rest in peace. So here’s one of my all-time faves of theirs.

And here’s an 80s hit that I loved and Benny Mardones was born in this month.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + I tried to write more last week but didn’t

  1. Great job this week girlfriend. Love all the tunes you picked. Especially by the Eagles! I use to sing this one when I was in hubby’s band. Probably cuz of my higher voice then them. I really had some fun when I was with them, but since my back operation and my leg is messed up no can do! Total bummer! Yes, ever since this Covid crap it sure is messin’ everybody’s life up. I hope yours gets back to normal soon. Stay healthy, be safe and don’t forget that mask!!! hugs…. everybody needs a hug once in a while, right? Have a good one! Thanks for joinin’ us… great tunes this week!

  2. The Eagles are always a good choice. I didn’t realize that Benny Mardones had passed away earlier this year and that he had suffered from Parkinsons, a disease that took one of my cousins two years ago. I hadn’t heard that song in forever.

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