Random Tuesday – Some days you just wanna run away

  • I woke up in a bad mood. Maybe “bad” is the wrong descriptor. I feel like I want to hide from everything. Somehow, however, I grabbed the bull by the horns and instead of procrastinating, I just got work done. And now I feel a whole lot better. I was not happy about how my TA for my high schoolers responded to some of my feedback but she wasn’t wrong in that they needed more technical direction. Instead of seeing eye to eye with her, my immediate reaction was to feel like I did something she didn’t approve of so that made me nervous. I don’t know; hard to explain but it was painting my day a dark shade of grey.
  • I think it has to do with the season. As the time shift approaches, it is affecting me. It is so dark in the mornings and even though I know that in a scant two weeks, it’ll change, I hate how it is right now. It’s somehow hard for me to work through these emotions.
  • You know what’s funny; I was realizing how “normal” my life does feel lately. Aside from having to wear a mask everywhere, things feel right. My kids are in school, they’re playing sports, I’m working. The only weird thing is that my husband is still working from home. He’s supposedly going back in November for 3 days a week. This is probably good for me in that I will be able to focus on my T/TH when I am already super busy. I also feel like I might start eating better/fasting again. Admittedly, I have not been very good about this at all. I drink a lot of beer and I have been buying cookies. So awful. But also, brings me some happiness.
  • Actually, this little table thing I got brings me happiness also. It has ample space to display fun holiday stuff. I was looking at it this morning and thinking how much I cannot wait until November so I can add my Thanksgiving stuff. Also, I am so ready for Thanksgiving food! We are hopefully going to Pensacola; some of that depends on whether my sister can find a place to live that isn’t my parents’ house. Again, another observation about myself this time of year: I yearn to get away from regular day to day and do stuff with family in other places.
  • Want to hear something pretty wacky? My husband had posted this thing about a year or two ago and it came up in his memories. It was one of those advice type memes and it said something about not reacting to things emotionally but to think, do research, sit back and assess, before acting. Anyway, it popped up in his memories and he was going to repost it and Facebook had flagged it as false information!! What is that about? I mean, it was entirely neutral in its statement; it had a basic background but it was attributed to Bruce Lee. The only thing I can think of is that he did not say it? But then they should have flagged it as being misattributed but not as false info!
  • I just sat through three seemingly very long courses (I didn’t teach them; the librarian did) and I am finished! So this post is wrapping up.
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