MMMM + Winding down, good weekend, sun!

Thankfully we are having sun because we had a couple days of awful gray, rainy, misty type weather than made me SO depressed.  But the weekend ended up pretty good. Ash got home a bit early Friday and we got ready to head to a friend’s house. It was just them and their two kids, our 5, and then our other friends and their two kids. We had pizza and dips and cookies and egg nog. It was nice to just hang out while the kids played. It’s funny though because this friend group is full of people who grew up in very restricted households (lots of harsh rules) and it is evident now that they are still dealing with it and it’s manifesting in their kids not having a lot of rules, which we find interesting because though we are not strict parents, our children do have boundaries. But anyway, we had a good time and were home by 9:45, so that’s a win for sleep!

Saturday was IN-SANE. Got up at 7 and hit some garage sales. Got home and immediately took Isaac to his soccer practice. When he and I got home, I had about 25 minutes to take Dakota to her practice and Ash took Elliot to a little round robin soccer tournament to kick off the season. When she finished her practice, we went out to his fields and got to see the last portion of game 2 and all of game 3. We then went to eat Mexican (kind of late; it was 2:30) and then went to the mall! We split up and did some shopping then finally got to go home. It was such a weird day time-wise! Around 5-ish we started watching It’s a Wonderful Life; I only fell asleep for maybe 30 mins, which is a miracle given how much we’d done.

Sunday was far less busy, thankfully. Just groceries and eating and football. But I still felt like it was a good weekend.

Today I got started early on stuff too. Got the robot in the pool and took the kids to school (I rhymed) and then I took my keys back to TCC, got a car wash, then finally got home. I woke up feeling worried about money but I am ok now; just working through a plan. This kind of teaching is inconsistent at best but also, so much more freeing. You just have to roll with it I guess.


This week I am playing some of the more somber type Xmas songs. Hang tight.

I’m toying with the idea of going to church on Christmas eve. I haven’t been in a while because I hate crowds but maybe?


4 thoughts on “MMMM + Winding down, good weekend, sun!

  1. No one could tear your heart out like Karen Carpenter could. All the abuse she put herself through and she still had the voice of an angel.

    We’re Catholic, and a parish close to us has a 4 PM Mass on Christmas Eve that’s really nice. It’s not the madhouse that Midnight Mass is. I’m not sure whether you’re Catholic or some other Christian denomination, but you might look for an early service like that, if you don’t like crowds. One suggestion: make sure it’s not the Children’s service…

  2. Girlfriend, I really believe you know your music and this week really confirms it. I agree with John about Karen Carpenter. She was definitely an angel. I only wish she would’ve believed it. Also, I have never heard this song by Karen & that’s a first for me because If I like someone I’ve heard them all. I agree with John about mass, but I will add one thing… I am disabled, and I find not to get run over, etc. I have a tendency either to sit in the back of the church & in the middle where the ushers are and push comes to shove I sit with the mothers & their babies, but sometimes they get a little loud, this way I’m not crowded and I can get through without be shoved and land on my tush or face!!! 🙂 Now your tunes girlfriend. Great selection with your tunes. You sure know your stuff my friend and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & yours! hugs….

  3. How can anyone not listen to Karen Carpenter and know they are listening to an angel? The lyrics of this song, and knowing how much Karen was suffering all that time, just made my face wet with tears. If you feel you should go to mass, then you should. Hope you got some good advice as to which mass you should go to, and I hope it gives you whatever you are looking for. I, personally, would never want a madhouse, either.

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