MMMM AND Random Tuesday – Recovering from sickness and Disney

Stacy Uncorked
  • I want to start off by reminding you of two things: I’ve been to Disney A LOT over the years and I also have gotten to a point where I don’t see the magic as much as I once did. That said, we actually had a really great time.
  • We left right after Ell got home Friday and drove all the way, not stopping. Ok, a little stop at the Payne’s Prairie rest stop because it had been steadily raining and the kids were hungry, even though I fed them before. Got to the hotel (Home2 suites by Hilton) around 9 and saw my parents briefly. They were also on this trip and though the hotel was booked solid, managed to get rooms across the hall.
  • The morning was a little hectic because my kids needed to eat and get with my parents to get to EPCOT but Ash and I had to go to a timeshare talk for Hilton – which was how we got the hotel room to begin with. It was a long presentation and of course, we did not purchase anything. I think they sold us on the idea but on principle alone, we don’t buy on the first day. We’ll do some research and then figure it out.
  • Once we got to the park, we were ready for food and drink. It was still Food and Wine festival so we headed for beer, then found my family at the Mexico quick service. I will detail my Disney trip in a subsequent post if you’re interested but for today, I’m just combining posts for link-ups.
  • Epcot was fun because we got to eat and drink a lot. We tackled Magic Kingdom on Sunday and I was dreading two things: the crowds and lack of beer. But we enjoyed it. The riders got to go on all the Mountains (Splash twice!) and we enjoyed our food and the other rides. I got to go on Haunted Mansion and Carousel of Progress, personal faves.
  • We left for a bit and went to Disney Springs for dinner and that was the break I needed – beer AND sitting down. I needed that time away. We got back into the park in time for our 8 pm Thunder Mountain fast passes and I had a nice time by myself, eating a Dole Whip and watching fireworks.
  • We had really good weather all weekend and my husband, who typically hates Disney, enjoyed himself more than he thought he would too. We did it for the kids and they all enjoyed it. Even my 12 year old punk who is insanely difficult to please. He whined only a little and I only had to threaten him, like, three times. 🙂
  • I was very happy to have a leisurely Monday morning, since it was Veteran’s Day, and then we drove home. I got my laundry done and relaxed. My heel is doing much better but I still can’t put full weight on it so all that walking killed my left calf due to the adjusted walking style. It still hurts today and I see baths and massages in my future.
  • Luckily, my illness is mostly over; I was too busy to worry about it this weekend but both nights after long days, I felt absolutely fried. My husband has a bit of the sickness today and stayed home, though now that I work from home it’s always annoying when someone else is here!

Since I wasn’t around yesterday – and our hotel’s wifi was down all weekend – I am combining posts.

Songs about Native Americans, eh? Well, you know me – hard rock and metal, baby. Though I am not Native American, my husband is and I have always held a special place in my heart for their plight. I have been mad about public schools’ teachings of the first Thanksgiving ever since I found out it didn’t REALLY go down as peacefully as you may think.

3 thoughts on “MMMM AND Random Tuesday – Recovering from sickness and Disney

  1. I haven’t been to Disney since 1975 (when I lived in Florida). I never even took my son there when I was growing up. He had no interest in it (he’s a science and mechanical type) so didn’t force the issue. But we both like this type of music, and enjoyed your selection. (The old clips were pretty neat, too.)

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