Random Tuesday – On the verge, ‘bucha, rain go away!


Stacy Uncorked


  • Lest you think my children are perfect angels – which is believable when you look at their adorable smiling faces – I’m going to complain about how annoying Dakota is lately. She is on the one hand needy and seemingly helpless at the same time as being highly independent. For example, Sunday at the mall, I asked for her hand in a crowded store and she was adamant about not holding mine. So much so that she gave me a balled up fist, so I took her wrist instead and then she screamed about it, drawing the attention of the people around us. Ugh. That same night, she whined and cried about not being able to start a bath, which she has been doing for well over a year now. I ignored it and she did it anyway. Kids, you know?
  • All weekend, it kept occurring to me that I only have to work here the rest of this week and that come next Tuesday, I’ll have my first full work at home day. I kept saying aloud how awesome it is and my kids would ask, “who are you talking to, mom?” Um, the universe, children. I’m putting positivity out there.
  • I google mapped the route from my house to what looks to be a parking lot near the building in which I am teaching and though the commute is about the same amount of time, it’s an entirely different direction. I’m looking forward to that change, truth be told. Because even after we moved, half my drive to work was the exact same.
  • We’re having a belated birthday party for Dakota this weekend and the fact that I haven’t done all that much planning just shows how I live day to day now. Sure, I rented a bouncy/water slide thing but aside from sending the invite to folks, I haven’t done anything else. I’ll need to mow, I’ll have to figure out if we’re having snacks or a cake or what. Not gonna lie: we have some leftover plates, cups, and napkins from a previous kid party and there’s a good chance we’re using those. Value, people.
  • Because Monday wasn’t already tough enough – work from 8-5 then an orientation for my mew job from 5:30-8 – my period randomly started (I know you needed to know that) mid-day. But like, come on universe!
  • I don’t know why but I’ve been listening to Neil Diamond this week. Weird, right? Just… out of nowhere. Hey, Heartlight is a great song!
  • I’m moving on to second fermentation with my kombucha tonight. I plan to bottle with some free dried pineapple, since I found one at the store with that flavor that I’m absolutely in love with. Hope mine turns out that well!
  • Been dismal since Friday and I’m a wee bit tired of it, especially since I am trying to run errands and Elliot has cross country try-outs and it would be a whole lot easier if it wasn’t monsooning. BUT, late Florida summers. ::shrug::
  • OK, I’m working on my syllabus and course sites for TCC and it’s taking up a lot of my brain power. Gotta go!

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