Friday Bullets – Only one more week of work to go!

  • I say that like I don’t have to “work” when I quit here but we all know that’s not true. Gotta work to make money to keep your kids alive to pay your bills to live the life you want!
  • BUT, I got my FSU courses all set up for the whole semester: every assignment built, every due date on the calendar and even some announcements set up to release at the right times. I am way ahead and I love it. SNHU will comes later but my next session initial posts are all up. I figured out my Ashland and TCC emails and accounts, etc so I’m pretty good there. The only weird thing will be finding parking for my TCC building and, well, teaching face to face! Been a while.
  • And to refer to bullet one for a min: the first few weeks of the new schedule might not be work-intensive simply because courses will have just begun. There will be a period of simply maintaining and then at a certain point, there will be millions of papers to grade. I am going to have to learn how to be VERY efficient.
  • My husband is visiting his brother this weekend so it’s just me and the kids. Which is always a little fun because I can take them to places Ash won’t typically eat or pick up food he thinks smells bad. LOL. I realize he could just suck it up but it feels like a certain freedom. We’re also going to buy some shoes for the boys and a necklace for Koda, because she’s super into accessorizing right now.
  • We’re about to be BUSY sports-wise. Elliot has XC tryouts Monday and Tuesday and then he said he also wants to go out for soccer right after that 6 week season. He and Isaac should know their flag football coaches by the 25th so then that’s twice a week then Saturday games. Dakota wants to do dance so I’m trying to find some classes she can maybe do T/R and I can pick her up and take her now, that I have time.
  • I’m about to flavor my kombucha and  ordered freeze dried pineapple. I hope it’s good!

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