MMMM + combo Friday and Monday post

Friday afternoon, 2:43 PM

Though I felt rushed this morning, I was totally on time. The kids were pretty good and all but things really picked up once I got to work. I had some stuff to do first thing and then at 10, I had a phone interview with Ashland University. I actually applied maybe two days ago for their online English correctional program. The chat was nice and they were really impressed with my teaching experience. So that was a super awesome way to start my day.

After that, I got an email about the next camp session for the kids and both boys will be in the next group up, so that brought me joy because I know they will be so happy to see that. Poor Elliot and his summer birthday; he always gets lumped in with the younger kids even though he’s the same age as the next group up.

During lunch, I went to the chiropractor, so that made me feel ten times better too. On my way, I found out my sister also got a job! She’d been a store manager but then her location closed so they’d moved her to a store 45 minutes away. I didn’t know that she was let go however. I did know she was looking for other jobs. She’s always been retail and I am proud of her for looking elsewhere; she got hired as a patient coordinator at a physical therapist. This is especially good because she’ll get free chiropractic care, which she needs!

So last night, I got an email shortly after the Ashland one from the English department chair at the community college here. She wanted to know my Fall availability for adjuncting! So the other day, when I applied to a bunch of online things, it was because I was thinking that I could cobble enough together and then not work in an office anymore. Things are coming together, slowly, to make that a reality! I’m meeting with her next Wednesday so if the pay is right – and if the Ashland thing goes through – then I am going to take it. I would love to get back in the classroom to teach Also, it might afford me the time flexibility I am looking for. Not too many hours on campus, possibly home for my kids in the afternoon. I’m super excited for this change and hope it will pan out. It would certainly mark a new chapter in my life – one devoid of office drama anyway. I would obviously be on campus seeing students but the entire environment would be different.

It feels like it is all happening all at once; so fast, so stressful. But my husband is right: this is all good stuff. It’s a change in the right direction. As I drove back from my break, I was the happiest I have been in a long time. Giddy, if you will. The sun was shining on my little part of the universe and making me feel – believe – that everything was going to turn out all right.

Monday, 8:19 AM:

I made it through another weekend, y’all, and I’m back in the office. Remember though, my horrible boss is not, so yay! Weekend was very enjoyable. I hightailed it outta here Friday afternoon, picked up a pizza for the kids, then Ash and I went up to Deep. We met some people there, drank beer, and had an all around good time. I woke up Saturday morning feeling tired, but not necessarily hungover – just sort of blah. I sat around and actually fell back to sleep until about 10 (this is VERY unlike me) but once I woke, I felt a lot more like myself.

We dropped Isaac off at a friend’s place for a little pool get-together with his buddies and then went to Sonny’s. When we got home, Ash and I investigated the branch on top of the shed. I guess it stormed the night before because there was what looked like a smallish branch but it turned out to be a large branch that kind of damaged the shed roof. Only a little though so that’s good. We had to shove it off and saw it up, though, to get it to the street – it was that big.

Elliot and I went to a couple stores and then I was going up to get Isaac when he called to ask if he could spend the night so I was ok with that. Came home and got ready to go up to an Italian place with some friends, one of whom is moving away. It was a nice dinner and it monsooned while we were inside but then the sunset was gorgeous after. The fam and I played some cards (Kings corners is a new favorite) and then it was time for bed!

Sunday morning, I somehow woke at 5:40 and didn’t feel like going back to sleep so I got up, drank my coffee, then got out for a 3 mile run. Soon as I got home I felt motivated so while my oldest mowed, I did some weeding and other yard things. I was exhausted by the time I finally stopped. Oh, but my oldest and the mower had a mishap: he somehow managed to go up onto the concrete pool deck and run right over an electrical box – the switch for our non functioning pool light. So glad we’d cut the power to that thing because he shredded it! Sigh. We got the ends tied up and we covered it but geez, son. Pay attention.

The rest of the day was enjoyable: I made steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted corn, then I also boiled some peanuts for snacking. The youngers and I swam while Ash napped and Elliot went to a friend’s. All in all, a very relaxing weekend!



Looks like it’s a freebie week so in the vein of it being the week of July 4th, I’ll share some songs that make me feel that sense of patriotism. I have to say, there’s been a shift in American society where instead of feeling like we’re all united AS Americans, everyone wants to break up into little groups. It makes no sense. Sure, we are all individuals with our own thoughts and beliefs but we should be united as Americans first and foremost.


7 thoughts on “MMMM + combo Friday and Monday post

  1. Claire,

    Your potential job prospects are sounding excellent. Best of luck to you, girl! I’m so with you on being an American first and everything second. It doesn’t matter how you came to be in the USA…scratch that because it does matter. I am not an immigrant but I’m the descendant of immigrants. I am American born and raised. Foreigners who immigrant to this country legally seeking to become US citizens passing all the requirements are Americans. There should not be any such thing as a ‘hyphenated American’. We are one people under the United States of America flag. You gave us a great song today for ‘your choice song picks’ week with Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’! Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  2. Not having your boss there must make it feel like you’re on vacation, right?

    A couple of great songs here. I’ve always hated the term “flyover states” because it makes it sound like the people who live in them don’t count, but that song reminds us that there are a lot of people who matter there…

  3. I hope it does continue to come together for you. Fly over states brought back many memories for me – flying from Syracuse, NY to San Diego with my son when he was 6, for example. It was a clear day for almost all the flight and I remember pointing out the farmland, the irrigating machines, the Rocky Mountains and more. I lived (for brief times) in Iowa, in Texas, and some five years in Arkansas near the Oklahoma border – yes, we depend so much on the people of those “fly over states” for our food. I was also fortunate enough to have seen Lee Greenwood in concert and although not a great country fan, the “God Bless the USA” song gave me goosebumps. Perfect song for my 4th of July.

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