MMMM + Busy, tiring, but satisfying weekend

Lordy, I was tired this weekend! But on the plus side, my neck is feeling ok. Not as bad as last week with the blinding headache.

On Friday, Ash and I had Mexican and beer then decided not to see a movie but to go bowling. I had fun doing that and then we went home to take a nap.

The next morning, we ate breakfast and then got out around 9 to head down to Alligator Point. Ash’s co-worker and, coincidentally, his RA from the dorm in like, 1999 (!), has a beach house and invited a bunch of folks. We had a great time grilling, paddle boarding, kayaking and hanging out. Around 3, people started to leave but we stuck around and did go down to the beach (their house is on the canal around the corner from said beach) and hung there for maybe an hour before going home. Long day but fun. I was still hurting pretty good so I sat on my butt while Ash cleaned kegs, etc in prep for brew day Sunday.

Ash got an early start on his next brew, an Irish Red Ale with an abnormally long fermentation time (6 weeks). I was helping for a time but knew I had to get to the store. Elliot and I walked into the store and it was dry and sunny out. 25 minutes later, it was a torrential downpour and I couldn’t help but feel awful for Ash out in the front yard with all his brew stuff out. Luckily, he got an umbrella over the kettle and then one of his buddies came by and helped. Rain makes for an interesting time getting all that stuff done!

That afternoon, I had to brave the laundromat because our dryer is having an issue. Well, I can tell you exactly what it is: Dakota likes to collect rocks and keep them in her pockets. I found them in the dryer and thought I got them all but it seems one got in between the drum and the motors that move it so it makes this awful sound. Sigh. We’re going to open it up this week sometime but I had to get laundry done. Afterwards, I was just beat; not sure why but it felt exhausting.

I basically spent the evening (after making spaghetti) sitting on my butt, watching TV. There was a wrestling pay per view and I took an hour off to watch Game of Thrones. All in all, good weekend!


It’s freebie week and I am sharing a video that I will warn you about. It has some weird stuff in it but it’s also kind of funny. Just give it a moment.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Busy, tiring, but satisfying weekend

  1. Hmmmmm You definitely rocked the house today that’s for sure and thanks for the introduction to this tune. I’ve never heard it before. As far as headaches are concerned did you know caffeine is good for them? I used to take a pill called caffergot which I found out was straight caffeine. Go figure. Anyway have a rockin’ week my friend and as they say a cup a coffee a day keeps the headaches at bay!!! hugssss

  2. I have never had to visit a laundromat in my life and for a long time thought they were just something you saw on telly, but there is one in a near by suburb but they are not that common here.

  3. Now that video was seriously trippy. Like, wow. It was disturbing but funny at the same time. Speaking of disturbing videos, did you watch the Tom Petty video I posted in last week’s 4M? Mary Jane’s Last Dance? That one gave me the creeps.
    I do like the Show Yourself song though…

    Sounds like you had a decent weekend. The beach getaway with friends and grilling and all that, that’s always fun. Glad your headache is gone and that Ash’s beer was saved from the rain. Re: the laundromat: I always hate going to laundromats. I have to go every once in awhile when I’m washing the King comforters and the dog beds. It always kind of gives me the creeps when you’re the only one in there… It’s kinda like going to an early matinee movie early in the week and you’re the only one in the theater and you start thinking that someone could come in and kill you and nobody would know about it until the lights went up… The laundromat makes me think like that. Yikes!

    Have a good week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. I WISH I had been the only one in the laundromat; the clientele was a little less than desirable. But hey, it is what it is. And yes, I have seen that Tom Petty video. I know the undertone is about pot but the dead girl is too much.

  4. I thought the video was hilarious. I loved all the old people giving Death the finger and the “Glengarry Glen Ross” themes. I can just hear it: “Put that coffee down. Coffee is for killers.”

  5. I’m familiar with the song but had never seen the video. That was one weird video, and maybe I’m strange, but to me it was funny. Especially the beginning with the senior giving Death the finger, and progressing to Death getting fired. Ha! (we wish).

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