Friday Five – June is ending!

  1. Let’s get the creepy thing out of the way first. I went to put Isaac to bed last night and while looking out his window for fireflies, I noticed that his window was unlocked and the screen had been shifted. Um, weird! I assume, after a little bit of freaking out, that one of the kids did that some time ago. We don’t ever open the blinds or he curtains in there (maybe we’re paranoid about people looking in) so that’s why I didn’t notice. Still, ugh!
  2. I was a little stressed all week about money because one of my side jobs wasn’t going to happen for the next 8 weeks. LUCKILY, I ended up getting a class so… crisis averted!
  3. All my kids are having some kind of pre-July 4th cook-out today at their respective places and they’re all super excited. I do love this holiday. I love the food, the fireworks, and the patriotism. I have a cousin who lives in south Florida and this morning she posted on Facebook that, as she does every July 4th, she put small American flags in her yard and this year, someone stole them. Who does that? Despite your feelings for the president, who doesn’t like America? I was really distraught about that because I think it shows that we have a larger problem in our country.
  4. We’re going to see my parents this weekend and I’m pretty excited. We haven’t been there since… January? Yup, I went back through my archives and we went for New Years. I cannot believe it has been six entire months. Funny how time flies!
  5. That said, I am glad June is over. If you’ve been reading, you know I didn’t have the best month. I always look at the passing of one month into another as sort of a mini new year. I am usually looking for a way to revive my spirit and infuse hope so this definitely gets me there. I’m looking forward to this weekend, then Tuesday when we go out to see friends, and then the following weekends. We have some stuff to do – the boys and I are seeing some wrestling – and though I do have that online class, I am not teaching my normal stuff and that break is greatly appreciated!

One thought on “Friday Five – June is ending!

  1. I usually have a big party at my place for Canada Day with family and friends, and we decorate my yard up with Canada flags and stuff. Last year, my mom had bought 5 or 6 nice, bigger-sized flags on wooden sticks that we stuck in the ground right along the road. When I got home from the party that night, all of my decorations were still up but the flags along the road were gone, someone had swiped ’em. I was pretty disappointed. Won’t make that mistake again this year!

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