Random Tuesday – One more cold, spring, etc…

Stacy Uncorked
  • Last week, I was starting to feel that pull towards summer. It was warm and the sun was the perfect brightness for the beach. I’d even begun to break out the Jimmy Buffett playlist. And then Sunday night we had about 10 minutes of rain and it’s cool again! Granted, afternoons are warming but low 50s in the AM is pretty darn awesome. One last hurrah.
  • I was reading old blog posts last week – procrastinating, of course – and I found this one about summer memories. Man, I love thinking back to some of the best times of my life.
  • So… April went pretty quickly, eh? I don’t know where the hell it went back somehow, we’re almost done. I have this odd eerie feeling, though, that May is going to draaaag.
  • I think my barista stiffed me this morning. When she handed me my venti non-fat vanilla latte, it felt lighter than it should be. Is it sad I know the weight that drink ought to be?
  • I’ve been trying to eat a lot better lately; last night I made a salad with deli turkey, pickled beets, a bit of goat cheese, and a handful of pistachios. I used a raspberry vinaigrette and it was delicious. Of course, an hour later I was hungry again. Sigh. Best get back to running and cut to the chase.


Describe your perfect Spring Day

Ha ha well for starters, it would include a boat-load of flowers but no allergies. My perfect spring day intersects with my perfect day in general because that kind of weather would make for a very desirable 24 hours of time for myself.

I’d  love to sleep in, just a wee bit; to be woken by the sprightly bright sun streaming through the blinds in my room. Then open up huge french doors to a deck (we tore ours down but I miss it) that was a wonderful place to drink my coffee and listen to the sounds of nature.

Maybe the morning train comes by and the hollow rumbly sound fills the air then fades out, once again giving way to birds tweeting and a breeze ruffling the leaves.

After reading a book, I’d love to get some house cleaning done. My perfect spring day includes no other people in the house so I can work! I’ll put on Pandora and play maybe some Boston or Foreigner and get things in order. Working up an appetite, I’d drive to Fresh Market for maybe some rotisserie chicken and their loaded mac and cheese salad.

The afternoon is obviously made for a nap so in my perfect world, it’d still be cool out and I’d crack a window and diffuse lavender as I have the best sleep of my life, dreaming of tropical places.

And because I’m a realist, I guess I’d probably – by that time – want my family to be there so we’d meet up at home, the kids would behave, and we’d head to Momo’s for beer and pizza. To me, this would be the ideal day!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – One more cold, spring, etc…

  1. Oh your day sounds lovely!! I love the idea of coffee and a book on a sunny deck. We woke up to ran this morning, so I didn’t get that. But hubby and I decided because we couldn’t do yard work (being in my garden is part of a perfect day) we’d go back to bed after the kids went to school. Having him home for a day off is very nice – normally I cannot nap during the day unless I am utterly wiped. But darkened skies and the pitter patter on the roof certainly help. And I love ending it with beer and pizza!!

  2. I can always tell when my cup is underfilled. I drink my coffee (decaf beause of my blood pressure) black, no sugar, but they always try and leave an inch or so at the top. They’ve gotten to know me, but occasionally I have to remind them…

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