Random Tuesday – We’ve turned the corner

Stacy Uncorked
  • And when I say turned the corner, I mean on Fall semester and the season itself. It’s still hot in the afternoon but I think I feel the change coming. Yards even look different already; Fall-ish. I can’t describe it any more than that but maybe you know what I mean. It’s a look, a feeling, a general “ish” and it’s getting me excited.fallawn
  • Maybe a contributing factor here is football season. We have a couple fantasy drafts coming up and the boys are both starting their flag seasons. I was worried about Isaac’s team because they apparently didn’t have anyone willing to be head coach. I didn’t go to the meeting yesterday but Ash reported that they do in fact have a coach now and some of the kids were on his team last year. They were good so I’m pretty happy about this.
  • What I’m not happy about is Isaac’s recent behaviour. He seems to really like Kindergarten but he’s exhibiting some less than exciting traits. For one, he tends to act very babyish at home. He’s always carrying around this little doggie and whiny about stuff at the same time as being helpful and thoughtful. It’s a really weird dichotomy.  But he did two things that really bother Ash and myself – to the point that thinking about them make my stomach hurt. The first big thing happened Sunday:
  • I sent the boys down the street and around the corner to Elliot’s friend Matthew’s house. His mom told me how a 12 y/o and his brother, 5, moved in next door. So they all played together and I knew it would be good for Isaac since he didn’t really have a lot of playdates with the kids from his preschool. Around 5, Ash walked down to hang with Matthew’s parents for a bit and then get the boys for dinner. Well, around 6, I heard a knock and Isaac was at the door. I asked if Dad knew he was home and he told me that yes, he knew and they were walking home now. BUT, when Ash and Elliot got home, they were freaking out. Elliot was crying out of worry; they had no idea Isaac had run home. I did think it was odd Ash would let him go alone but there’s about 2 houses before a curve then a long straight away so I assumed they could see Isaac running towards our house. Turns out, they hadn’t even left the inside of Matthew’s house when Isaac disappeared; everyone there was looking for him!
  • When this all came out and Ash and Ell could relax, it was a very emotional moment for everyone. I just hoped Isaac understood that he had to stay with them. BUT, last night at the park, they were about to leave and he’d left his water bottle across the way. Ash sent him to get it but then instead of going back to Dad, Isaac went about 200 feet away towards the car. Ash was concerned that he’s just taking off. On the one hand, you want independent kids but this is a little crazy that he’s not comprehending situations/places where he needs to stay with us. Sigh.
  • And now you know why a lot of parents drink! Admittedly, I both love and dislike having beer on tap in my home. For one, it’s easy. It’s always there, always cold and fresh. However, one of my favorite things about beer is the variety. I like Dos Equis Amber but I’d kill for a good IPA. In fact, I think I have one in there and I may drink it tonight. Again, variety is the spice of life!IPA
  • You heard about Starbucks pledging to put *actual* pumpkin in their PSLs this season, right? I hope they still taste good; I’m basic enough to admit I’m going to drink the hell out of those soon as they come out.sbucks1
  • It’s Tuesday, which means it’s Inkmaster night; one of the few TV shows I must watch. Ash watches it too and is mostly an anti-tattoo kinda guy. BUT, I might be breaking him down. We were cobbling together some extra Hawaii activities (he’s going to make me go ziplining!) and I told him my idea of an adventure would be getting tattooed together. I highly doubt we’ll do it there but I sent him some ideas: ways of writing names (the kids’) and then Giving Tree tats. It’s the only other one I could see him getting.e6f4f232005de6ad1507b1fe0f0f0dbe.
  • Well, that’s a wrap for this week. I don’t want to start in on work but I have to create 160 or so sections of our second semester English course and that’s going to take me a loooong time!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – We’ve turned the corner

  1. I get it. The feeling. The “ish”. I’m thrilled that it’s finally this time of year. Still hot & humid here, at least for the rest of this week, but that feeling is still there. When I went for a walk last night, I even saw a few lawns with leaves falling on them already. Makes me so excited!!

    Hope your boy doesn’t keep wandering off on you like that. I remember when my brother and a group of his neighbourhood buddies disappeared one night (they were supposed to be sleeping out in a tent in a neighbour’s yard, and when one of the parents went out to jokingly scare them, they discovered they were all gone) – it was panic city for a while as everyone ran around looking for them. (they were found safe and sound at another neighbour’s eventually lol, bunch of jackasses…there were no more sleep outs for the rest of that summer!)

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