Random Tuesday – gross noodles, music therapy, so so tired

Stacy Uncorked
  • Thus begins day two of week one; the craziest week of the entire year. It’s busier than Spring semester too.  But I kind of love it. I will say, I was so tired when I got home yesterday. But I made dinner and washed dishes but then I parked it on the couch for at least three hours. I got up and felt at a loss. My stomach hurt and I felt like maybe I had a mild case of food poisoning.
  • At our party Saturday, I ate macaroni salad. Let’s backtrack: I am repulsed by the idea and general look of macaroni salad. But it was about 10:30 PM and I had been drinking and so I ate some. And it was actually really tasty. But it had a funky aftertaste, which I attributed to the other stuff I had eaten. So I packed all the food away that evening and then took mac salad with me to work yesterday. It tasted fine at first and then about about five minutes later, it left a funky feeling in my mouth. And then my stomach hurt. So who knows what happened there but I still think I’m anti-macaroni salad.
  • This somehow reminded me of a friend I had my senior year named Andrea. She and I emailed once we parted ways and she went to some expensive college. She wrote me once and said if she didn’t like yogurt so much she’d be repulsed by it. I feel like I’m in the same boat with the noodle salad. I mean, cold noodles, man. Who thought of that??
  • On an entirely different note, I cried in my car today. Ok, almost every day last week too. You know why? because of music and my kids. I have been trying for years to get them to like my music. Not forcing it on them but in the same way my dad played music in the car and for me on our record player when I was young, it eventually seeps into your soul. My eldest son fought me forever; “Mom, I don’t LIKE music!” he’d cry. Then he discovered “Watch me whip.” Then he decided he wanted to be a dancer. And then he started liking”Geronimo” and “Shut up and Dance” and now we listen to these songs in the car together, everyone singing along (even Baby, which is hilarious) and I cry because finally, we’re all on the same page.
  • OK, it’s starting to pick up in my office so I have to go and you know, work and stuff. Ugh; work! 😉

One thought on “Random Tuesday – gross noodles, music therapy, so so tired

  1. As a kid, I hated going for car rides and listening to my parents’ music… they were pretty selective – we had 2 Elvis Presley tapes, a Kenny Rogers tape, and a Randy Travis tape… and that was about it. lol I used to BEG them to let us listen to music I liked, but it was always a no-go. I hated Elvis as a kid, but definitely appreciate it now, so I guess their selections did rub off on me in a way. I miss Sunday afternoon drives now, I’d give anything to go back and listen to those tapes again with Mom & Dad up front, and us kids in the back.

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