MMMM + Didn’t see that coming

We had a very nice Ethan Allen cherry wood queen bed frame for years; it had been Ash’s parents’. Then we upgraded to a king and it sat disassembled in Dakota’s room. I tried to sell it for way less than its worth on local garage sale sites but no one would bite. Finally, a friend of ours traded it for a loft bed for Elliot. So Saturday, after a run and a trip to the flea market and Sonny’s, we took her the frame and we brought back the loft bed. That spurred an entire relocation of items in each of the kid’s rooms. Dakota’s crib got moved after the big pieces of wood vacated her room, Isaac traded one of his bookshelves for Elliot’s dresser – since the loft bed has a ton of extra storage – and then there was all the set up and vacuuming and organizing books and board games and all the junk we’ve acquired. I even posted to Facebook that we own too much stuff and I felt like throwing it all away and moving to the woods with nothing!

I didn’t realize all the moving around that would follow the acquisition of this new piece of furniture.PhotoGrid_1439122663908_resized


That photo was taken in the midst of it all; I got it cleaned up now for the most part. Elliot needs a chair for his new desk area and I have to work on the corner by the crib for baby because my FIL plans to buy her a play kitchen. Ugh. I know she’ll love it but just another big piece of play equipment we don’t need! I remember my play kitchen very fondly; I loved that thing. Even more so, I loved the fake food. I have a feeling I will buy her some. 😉

That activity pretty much dominated our weekend. I mowed and did laundry yesterday and by 9 PM I was exhausted. I struggled through grading papers and folding clothes even though I had a headache.

This morning, I have already had a work phone, graded a few papers, and cleaned up my office. Happy Monday!




I know you’re tired of me always posting Culture Club songs so since it’s a freebie, let’s go in an entirely other direction.


I don’t normally listen to pop music but here are a couple songs my 8 year old loves and keeps playing over and over!



4 thoughts on “MMMM + Didn’t see that coming

  1. That is one awesome loft bed! Totally worth all that exhausting work. And totally YES on the play kitchen – both kids LOVED the ones we had. I miss those days. 🙂

    GREAT tunes!! Love that Shut Up and Dance one!! 🙂 Sorry for the late visit – it’s been a crazy week and doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon (at least not until after school starts – 3-1/2 weeks from now! heh!)

    That Old Flame might be Bad For You, but you’re on Top Of The World having a House Party!

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