Friday Five – Of trees and solo parenting

Five Thoughts:

  1. I have a friend who seems to always be busy; she has fun plans and family things and I used to be jealous. Because at some point, my life also got busy and now I crave a weekend with nothing going on! Today begins a long event-filled two days. Elliot is having a friend over tonight but he won’t be back from his big end of camp outing until maybe 6. Ash will be at the coast celebrating a friend’s birthday so I get to do this on my own! Tomorrow, after said friend goes home, Ell has a birthday party (my boss’s grandson) from 12-3 and then at 4 we have a going away party for the kid who spent the night. (We’re friends with his parents.) Then on Sunday, we’re going to the beach with my busy friend! LOL. I like doing these things, I do. So many memories for my kids. But I would also like to just sit on my butt sometimes.
  2. I hadn’t taken a Buzzfeed quiz in a long time so I clicked on “How old is your inner child?” and apparently, she is 8. “Your inner child knows exactly what it wants. It’s the kind of child who hates to be told it has to be less stubborn and that it isn’t always right. Your inner child finds way to creep into your life by manifesting itself as your strong sense of independence. You are ambitious and will stop at nothing to get there. Sometimes, though, you may get into a lot of heated debates with coworkers…that’s just because you are right, duh!” This is eerily accurate! Embrace the inner child!
  3. I fell asleep early last night but in bed. It may have been about 10:15 so I was wide awake at 5:20. I lay there a while before realizing it would just be best to get up and work out. I then weighed myself and with the healthy eating and working out I have lost… nothing! But I guess once I start running outside that will happen. I hope.
  4. I feel surprisingly good this week; not unmotivated or irritated. Just saying.
  5. Have I mentioned my next tattoo? I think I have but let’s reiterate: it will contain the kids’ names in their handwriting (Dakota’s at some later date) but I have no decided to incorporate a tree. I used to be pretty artsy and I almost always drew trees when I was bored. So I feel like this is the right choice. I have been sketching all week, trying to find the right look of said tree. Should it have leaves or a lot of branches? I have pared it down to a few and decided on a Live Oak. They are prevalent here in the South – another personal representation – and they also have squat trunks – wide enough to fit the names. I am still deciding if I want leaves. The cool thing is this: when Dakota can write and I get her name added on, I could possibly add leaves then. For now, just branches. I am pumped!

Five Photos:

I watched this episode of Jeopardy but saw this clip again the other day. Check out this sass.




This purse!


I want to buy this and mount it on the side of my garage fridge, which will put it conveniently right next to our kegerator. 😉


An artsy pic of where we’re going Sunday.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Of trees and solo parenting

  1. 10.15pm is not early for me it is late,I am in bed between 8-8.30pm each night but I am not as young as I use to be I am now 52 and yes I would love to be able to stay up later and if I get to have a nap during the day I can stay up later

  2. That is a busy weekend! Like you said though it will be a lot of good memories for the kids. My new goal is to be turning the light off at night at 11:00 (or sooner), school starts this week so no more sleeping in. Thanks for linking up!!

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