Random Tuesday – Oils, out, camp, etc

Stacy Uncorked
  • I feel like I always talk about the same old stuff so today, I’ll try to switch it up.
  • Oh, who am I kidding?
  • My young Living oils kit came yesterday! I didn’t go too much into it but I did use some Panaway on my sore foot. I can’t wait to start diffusing different scents and see if they work to calm the kids, etc.
  • When we went out Friday, I totally danced AND sang along to familiar songs at Tap Room. I find this so interesting because that’s not usually me. Like, even I don’t see myself doing that. But I had a really good time. I think we all did. The next day, the group text blew up around 9 am with everyone thrilled about the night.
  • I have to confess my late night transgression: we walked across from the bar to Whataburger and though I swore I wasn’t going to eat anything, I got myself a small fry. I devoured that shit, y’all. It was SO good. I don’t eat fast food so it was a real treat.
  • But for the most part, I have been eating really well. I am eating a lot less and that really helps with my on-going bubbly stomach issue. Also, probiotics.
  • So my sister’s boyfriend was dead for seven minutes this weekend. He took a Xanax (he has an Rx) and hours later, he took a vicodin and a bit later, he passed out. Luckily, he was visiting some friends in his apartment complex and the woman was a nurse. I don’t even know what to say. They don’t make a lot of good choices and this was pretty much the extreme. All I can say is that I hope it was a wake-up call. Sigh.
  • On a happier note, did you watch Jimmy Fallon last night? I guess it was last night. I missed it but saw the video today. I love the lip sync battles! I really hate Tom Cruise but his was hilarious. You need to google it if you didn’t see it. I gained some respect for him.
  • Here’s some real random: Jimmy sings “You’ve lost that loving feeling” and whenever I hear it, I remember being at camp in between 5th and 6th grade. We had a trip to the laundromat in Leesburg in between the first and second week. On the bus, the 7th and 8th graders had a radio and they were just belting out that song and got all of us going. It’s the only time I really felt a part of the older group of kids there.
  • Elliot loved his day camp this summer, even more than last year. They do it in 2 week sessions and you can go for as many as you want. This year he did 4 weeks but he wishes I’d signed him up for all of them. At the family night dinner thing, he said he’d like to someday be a counselor and I teared up a bit. It was this little moment when I saw him growing up and taking a leadership role. I would love to see him do that some day!
  • School starts in about three weeks. Can you believe it? I am kind of ready. I know the kids don’t have as much goofing off time when school’s in but I like the routine of our evenings. They have to do homework and read and then the times when they can sit and watch TV or play games is more precious; more appreciated.

That’s all I’ve got for this morning except for this funny pic. This is SO true and if you watch HGTV you know it.tumblr_mz1vu9FAkm1qzxxrxo1_1280

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