Friday Five – Beat down but not out yet

Five Thoughts:

  1. WELL, this week has been very… stressful. Monday and Tuesday seem a world away; they were crazy busy; slammed. I left at 5:10 on one of the days. This is government so that rarely happens. I also put a lot of myself into my work so I held myself to high standards. Well, it all culminated yesterday; my stomach had been hurting for weeks (bubbly, stomach acid overproduction, etc) but yesterday I went home early because I was just DONE. I was tired and couldn’t think and my stomach was hurting worse. I’m not sure if the indigestion just got so bad or if it was a touch of food poisoning but my evening was awful.
  2. I will say, I feel a slight bit better today. Motivated and clear-thinking anyway. My stomach, now cleansed, is ok but on the road to recovery. I’m eating toast and bananas and nothing else until I know it’s been mended. I’m weak though. I may work a half day, get a pedicure.
  3. This is really random but I rediscovered the Culture Club songbook this week. They’re so much more than Karma Chameleon!
  4. I’d better get my stomach back on track before tomorrow night; we’re going out for my friend’s birthday and to a seafood/cajun place at that! I think I may just get shrimp and grits. Mmmm, that sounds so good. I am so hungry!
  5. The more I think about taking a half day for myself, the more excited I get. I am going to really just relax, take it easy. Do for me. That’s what I forget to do most days.

Five Photos:

Since I am very hungry but have to eat light/bland stuff, these are photos of stuff I would like to eat:






One thought on “Friday Five – Beat down but not out yet

  1. Ugh upset stomachs are the worst! Hope you are feeling all better in time for the party. I need a just me day too I think. Though I am afraid I would just sit around doing nothing and not really get anything done

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