Friday Five – Geez, Summer, you’re harsh

Five Thoughts:

  1. Yeah, the last two weeks have been INSANE. Every summer I forget how crazy summer teaching is. 15 weeks worth of material squooshed into six. I spend about one and a half to two hours a day prepping, then class is an hour and a half Monday through Thursday. I have an intern (new grad student learning to teach) so I have to also help her and mentor. It’s quite a bit to have on my plate.
  2. You know what’s keeping me sane? The Sherlock fandom. First we got a promo pic. A crazy Victorian promo pic. Then we got one minute and 28 seconds of footage of those two silly men in love guys. Ahem. It’s been awesome to follow the fandom’s reaction. People go nuts over this stuff.
  3. My stomach has been bubbly all week. Uncomfortably icky. It’s not nausea but more like just a huge bubble in my stomach and I can actually feel it in my back too. I remember back in October I had this issue and I solved it by taking Zantac for about three weeks. Then I tapered off because I read that after a while, that med can take away good stomach acids too. Sigh. It’s always something.
  4. This week has been really low-key once we all get home from work/preschool/camp. Our evenings have been spent cobbling together light dinners, playing on computers, and watching movies. We haven’t gone outside much because our “feels like” temps have been nearing 100. I admit I did run out a few evenings; to the store, to the mall, just to walk around and keep myself going. Otherwise, I’m on the couch under a blanket watching nothing in particular on TV.
  5. I mentioned on Tuesday how I had something I wanted to post about but then forgot. It was something about last Saturday, when we were out on our friend’s property. There’s a path leading back to his hen house and sheep pasture that is surrounded by dense North Florida woods. As Isaac and I walked back with a few others from picking over the last remaining squash, we saw SO many fireflies. The woman I ran into who we actually knew mentioned that we don’t see them too often in city limits. No, at my house, in May, I see maybe a handful each night between 8:30 and 9. But out there, we saw hundreds. It wasn’t like the pictures you can find by doing a google search (as seen below) but there were a lot. And I loved it.

Five Photos:




Look at these adorable dorks


Yeah that’s Florida for youtumblr_nqta2fB9xR1qewacoo1_540

I found that amusingtumblr_nps4ob7xRp1tm0z29o1_500

Words to live by!

One thought on “Friday Five – Geez, Summer, you’re harsh

  1. We saw fireflies this last week in the midwest! It was my kids first time ever seeing them, as we definitely don’t have them in SoCal. They had so much fun chasing and catching them. I took a few spring and summer semesters in college, I don’t think I even thought about how much more work it was for the professors at the time. Thanks so much for linking up!!

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