MMMM kuntry! + Long weekend of Liberty and Freedom!

Y’all, did you have a good Fourth? I will say, there were parts of mine that were less than desirable but the majority of it was excellent!

Since we were off Friday, I started in on last minute cleaning right away. I got all that done before 8 AM! Then I ran errands that Ash had planned to do. He was still not feeling so hot so I mailed some boxes, got his oil changed, and went to the store. I mowed the front yard and then once everyone was calm for nap, I went outside and laid in the sun with my beer. THAT was a highlight. My parents got into town around 2:30 so we had beer and watched the kids in the pool.

Day two was a little less than perfect. Sure, we had a nice breakfast and did some yardwork before heading to Sonny’s but Ash was getting restless and irritated by his inability to return to normal. So we were all mad and he went to his room and my mom and I went out for a bit. It all worked out fine in the end; everyone resolved their issues and  around 6, Ash, the boys and I drove out to Monticello.

Jerry is a former coworker of his and lives out in the country. He invited us out for fireworks and we had a blast. First we took shots at cans with airsoft rifles for a while. I am bent on getting one now. I wasn’t so accurate so I kind of want to be. LOL.

Funny story: we ran into a couple who we actually knew. Rick and Kathy are long-time friends of our former neighbors. They actually hadn’t even met Jerry until that day, but they had been long time friends with his neighbor! Small world, I tell you.

Then we hung around inside, playing pool and watching a guy do magic tricks. (Jerry’s son’s friend – they’re teenagers.) Around nine, the show started. We went out to his back pasture and sat around while the kids and a couple adults lit them off. I’d say there were about 20 total people out there and it was just… nice. Scott played his guitar and we sat in the dark, waiting for the illumination overhead. Good fireworks too; not your chintzy store-bought kind. All in all, a great night and I am glad we went, even though I threatened not to.

Sunday was better.  We went to church and had a big lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs. We were going to have it on the fourth but since we went out to lunch, no one wanted a big dinner. The afternoon was quiet; the kids napped and my dad went to their hotel to check in. In fact, they left for a few hours before dinner and our house felt like ours again. Oh, did I mention yesterday was Ash’s birthday? Yeah we gave him cards and gifts in the AM and went to Mexican for dinner. A nice evening!

This morning, I took the boys to their hotel so they can swim. I’m not gonna lie: being at work is a reprieve. Even though I have to grade and get ready for class later, this is nice. I had a great weekend but routine helps me live.



Ahh, Country theme. I was REALLY into country for a couple years there and I definitely still listen to it but lately, I’ve gone back to enjoying the harder sounds of Ozzy, Motorhead, etc. However, here are a couple country songs I don’t ever tire of.  My aunt and uncle were pretty rednecky back in the day (Nascar, big trucks, etc.) so some of these are from my younger days too.


Yes Luke, anything you want. I mean uh… 😉



4 thoughts on “MMMM kuntry! + Long weekend of Liberty and Freedom!

  1. Hey Girlfriend, yeeeeeeeee haw! Luvin’ your selections! thanks for joinin us! Ya got some real foot stompin music here. Have a rockin’ week!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend, of course being in Australia I don’t do the 4th July but I am pleased when I read that my American friends had a good one

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