Friday Five – Thank God for the Weekend!

Five Thoughts:

  1. Last week, I kept starting posts and never finishing them. It’s funny: this session in summer is usually REALLY slow. But stuff has been coming up left and right. I’m not complaining about being busy, no sir. I appreciate it. But still. I’d like a little bit of calm.
  2. I stepped in gum in my new shoes. You know why this bothers me? I’m not really a gum person, for the most part, but I hate that it reminds me of an aspect of our society/culture that I hate: when we’re done with something, we just get rid of it, no matter what. So long as it is out of our sight, we’re happy. So, done with gum, thrown on ground. Like, who does that? How irresponsible are you to just thrown it wherever you feel like? I guarantee those are the same people who chuck a still-lit cigarette out the window of their car – another pet peeve of mine.
  3. Sorry for the negativity this morning. It’s cloudy and chances are it will rain and I’m greedy and I want SUN. I want it to be hot and sunny and I’ll accept the sweat if it means the sun is out. I know that may sound crazy but I am overall happier in the sun.
  4. Next week is our crazy busy week and I am just trying NOT to think about it. If I take it one day I might retain some of my sanity.
  5. I’ve been listening to Ozzy all week. What are some bands you go back to time and again?

Five Photos:




A woman at the shelter trying to sell my kids on a puppy. Hell no.


Taking a looong walk.


Save the bees! They pollinate.


A sarlac pit in your toilet? That’s genius!



My son knows this all too well.

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