Random Tuesday – In need of new blog prompts


My my, this month is going quickly, eh?

  • So I am in a few Facebook groups for things like “I grew up in X city” but I hardly ever post because once you do, you get all the notifications and it’s ding ding ding all day long. But I posted something yesterday that got a bunch of people started, mostly because no one could agree on which mall this one store was in. It’s funny: I remembered exactly. Unless my memory has totally failed me… but I pride myself on remembering a lot about my childhood.
  • There was a farmer’s market and seafood store my parents often went to and this road beside it was so rural, it surprised me. We lived in a very urban area and to see a wide open field complete with an actual barn always amazed me. I looked at Google Earth and found that this area has been turned into a new housing development. Of course.
  • I guess the problem with Google Earth – for me – is that I go back to see places I once visited and they’ve mostly changed. So it’s just sad.
  • But I am emotional this week. Small things make me incredibly sad. Someone posted a link to this video of Jeopardy answer fails and I just felt bad for all those people.
  • Then I saw an article about this sad dog who had been through all kinds of torment. This made me feel bad that our dogs get kind of ignored sine the advent of children. Sure, I still feed them and give them their monthly meds and we do try to walk them often but man, it’s hard to give them the same attention they once got. I mean, kids take up so much of my time and energy.
  • I had a dream last night that I was living in an apartment with my college roommates, except we were just as old as we are now. And everyone was where they are now. Like, K is a runner so she left early to do a 10 mile with her dog and C’s husband was apparently out shopping but her little sister was there, though her sister was like, 8. Her sister was 8 when we were in college! T was there too but not around much and I kept looking for my family. It was a weird weird dream.
  • We don’t have stairs but look how cool this is!91d1980fe4eda3954434c016bfcbf57b
  • That would be awesome – maybe in our next home.
  • Now that my money troubles are better, I feel the intense desire to shop. I don’t NEED anything though. I mean, I can’t think of one single thing I really need. Now wants, on the other hand, are a different story.
  • That’s all for now; I have work to do and I also brought some reading to do. Amazing; I might get to read!


3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – In need of new blog prompts

  1. I wish I’d brought some reading today… pouring rain, and this office is soooo quiet when it rains.
    I know Google Earth isn’t new, but I’d never used it until a few weeks ago. My uncle ordered sod for his house from here, and they were concerned about whether or not a tractor trailer could access his driveway. My co-worked pulled up his address on Google Earth, and I was able to show him where to park the truck and how he could carry the sod down to the area he wanted it on a forklift. It was WAY cool.

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