Friday Confessions – Don’t skip the coffee


I confess… I will never again make the mistake of skipping coffee in the morning. Yesterday, I woke up terribly thirsty so I had some water and on my way into work, stopped at Tropical Smoothie. It was refreshing but not what I really needed. By 10:30 I felt like a zombie: my head ached and I couldn’t even see straight. I reloaded my Dunkin’ card and walked over to get an iced latte. But I clearly didn’t hit the final submit on the reload because the money didn’t go in. I just figured something went wrong, as they slid my card and it still only had a dime on it. The manager came out and gave me a free drink and helped me set up the app. I then reloaded my card for real and bought a donut, thanking them profusely.

I confess… I had a less than pleasant call at 3:45: daycare. The Florida rule is that more than one excessively watery (i.e. gross) diaper is grounds for being sent home. SO, Dakota had to go. I guarantee it’s only teething but since some other kid left earlier in the week with something viral, they were extra cautious. But I was PISSED. Couldn’t she do this on a Wednesday so the 24 hours would be over before Friday? Couldn’t she do this on a non-pay day Friday so one of us wouldn’t have to stay home, thereby ruining our date day? NOPE. Such is life. I was pretty damn mad about it yesterday but today, I know that I have no choice and I accept it.

I confess… I skipped T25 yesterday to rest my foot. Everything about my right foot hurts and those movements just exacerbate it. Feeling pretty good today so I might be able to get through the two workouts. Both will be mostly upper focus so it’ll be low impact on my foot anyway.

I confess… I realized yesterday that I have been very stressed all week. I think that is why I went to bed so early Wednesday night with an awful headache. And why last night I didn’t much feel like eating. I made dinner for everyone then went to Target because we were out of things that apparently people needed ASAP. Sigh. It was nice though because a hardcore storm had blown through and the sun shone sprightly on one side of my car while on the other, the leftover clouds of the storm lingered.20140626_191927


I confess… I needed AC/DC to get going today. Big Gun, Thunderstruck, For Those About to Rock…

I confess… I always wanted a necklace like the below but always hoped someone would buy me one. Well, I decided to just get it for myself; and I love it!



I confess… I have a ton of things to do today and I WILL get them done. I am feeling so motivated too; it’s a rare excellent feeling. I’ve noticed as I get older that very few things make me as excited as I remember being as a kid. This came up the other morning when Elliot and I heard on the radio that they apparently have this new niche market for adult summer camps. As far as I can tell, they pretty much do the same activities, just with adults. Sounds awesome if you ask me! Here’s one to check out, if you’re interested. If I was closer I would totally go!


That’s all for today; everyone enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “Friday Confessions – Don’t skip the coffee

  1. I confess I spent money on myself this last week I don’t do that very often I also need my morning can of Pepsi Max in order to feel like I am awake and functioning

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