Random Tuesday – Aaaahhh!!!!!

I despise you, Tuesday, but let’s get random!




  • You know when you’re about to hit the wall and can’t find any way to stop? Yeah, I’m right there. BUT, I have to say that I feel pretty good this morning, even in the face of the millions of things on my plate.too-much-my-plate-18158079
  • When I searched for “full plate”, I got images of knights in armor. And that makes me want to play Diablo and NOT do all this damned work.
  • Elliot’s baseball game was canceled yesterday because it was storming like the dickens and I tell you what; we all needed that night of nothing. Ash was going to go out and decided against it. We watched part of Return of the King and I washed some dishes but all in all, I did nothing else and it was magical.
  • My brother-in-law, who only eats fruits and vegetables, left a bunch of lettuce and tomatoes this weekend (can’t take those on a plane!) so now I have salads for days.
  • This is exceptionally good since I can’t do T25 with a bad backache. I’m kind of upset about this, honestly. I was feeling very good. It sucks getting old.
  • So our baseball coach has bailed on our team. I don’t think he wanted to but he’s apparently having some kind of major family emergency. The mom who is taking over is good but she’s not ever been a baseball coach so she is trying very hard to learn techniques. A couple of the dads are helping too so it’s not like the season is just over for us. And I do hope the original coach is OK. But I also kind of hope he sends some sort of explanatory email at some point. I just kind of think he owes us that much.
  • I’ve been so busy that I was still thinking it was March. No no, it’s 8 days into April. My life is insane! Who’s ready for a weekend beach getaway? This mom!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Aaaahhh!!!!!

  1. “Full Plate” is knights in armor? Who knew?? 🙂 Hopefully you guys will get some sort of explanatory email or *something* from the original coach – you guys need closure for sure. Plus I’m sure the rumor mill will be working overtime making whatever reason he bailed even worse than it probably is. Thank goodness others are stepping in so you guys can continue on! I had the same realization that it’s fast approaching the middle of April already – time is flying by way too fast for my comfort zone!

    Thank you SO much for Randomizing with me!! You made my day. 🙂

  2. We kind of have routine in place right now, and that is pretty helpful, but it does change fairly frequently. It seems when one thing falls off the plate another jumps on.

  3. Sometimes those unexpected nights at home with nothing to do are exactly what the doctor ordered! Hope you’re able to get back to T25 soon… it’s one of my biggest fears, getting injured and not being able to work out. I’m so afraid I’d slide back to my old ways!

  4. I so know what is like to have a full plate and not just a plate full of food or being dressed like a knight ok I have never been dressed like a knight and yeah I know this post really had nothing to do with dressing up like a knight but hell something gets into my head and I run with it and then I fall and end up embarrassing myself…………

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