MMMM + Busiest weekend EVER (Ok, maybe not ever…)

Uuuugghhh. I feel cruddy. I can’t tell if it’s general soreness from my 12 mile run yesterday or oncoming sickness. I don’t typically feel this achy from a long run. Isaac woke from his nap yesterday with a 100 degree fever but as the afternoon went on, he seemed to be feeling fine. He ate tomato soup for dinner and acted normally. Woke this morning with no fever, even though he felt warm to me. I really debated whether or not to stay home but I don’t feel that bad. Not horrible enough to mope around; I’m just achey and headachey.

I don’t even remember Friday night. Oh, wait. Ok. I know I made spaghetti because Ash had a Saturday morning race. After waking early, making breakfast and cleaning a little (oh yes! Friday night I cleaned bathrooms.) the boys and I went out almost to the Georgia state line to watch him finish a 12.5 miler. Then we got back home, rested for about 30, then went to Costco for a chicken. We ate lunch and had about 20 mins for us all to nap before a play date at the playground. By the time we’d finished, it was after 4 and none of us had it in us to go to the pumpkin patch, which had been the plan. So we baked a Costco pizza and settled in to watch the FSU game, though I’m pretty sure I fell asleep around 9; that day wore me out. Sadly, I didn’t sleep all that well.

Woke around 6 Sunday because the boys were bright-eyed and bushy tailed; it was earlier than my alarm was set to go off for my morning run. Twelve was good. I only walked once and it was because, after downing my second goo, I started to feel very nauseous. But I made it home just fine and was ever so glad to have that out of the way. Now, we’d planned steaks and fries for lunch so Ash could cook while I rested after the run but I got motivated to clean up the playroom and get baby stuff cleared out for next week’s garage sale. That is, after my nausea passed. I tried to eat a bagel but felt disgusted by it. Ended up going to Walgreens for Gatorade and they had oranges. THAT (coupled with the boys and Ash doing all the dishes) pretty much made my day.

We’ll have to see how today goes; we could still get “the call” from daycare. I’m feeling worse by the minute, and we have a parent/teacher conference with Elliot’s teacher at 4. And everything is pretty much up in the air.

Oh yeah, and it’s my seventh wedding anniversary. We’re not going anywhere tonight but we might get something nice for dinner tomorrow. We thought about going out Friday but we’re doing some charity bowling event instead. Classy!



It’s a freebie week and as a lot of people are going for spooky, Halloween-type things, let’s see what I can come up with.

I loved the Haunted Mansion at Disney. The above is a video from it, kind of. That song is a little slower than the original.

It reminds me of the skeleton dance, which I watched as a kid:

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Busiest weekend EVER (Ok, maybe not ever…)

  1. Sucks that you’re feeling crappy… I feel like I could be on my way to the sickies, too. Just a weird feeling this morning, not quite a scratchy throat but something’s not quite right. I’m well rested, yet still feel worn right out. I’m living in germville right now, though (everyone at work is hacking and sneezing, awesome) – so it’s probably only a matter of time… *sigh*

  2. I’m just getting over a mild head cold–not sick enough to justify staying home, but cruddy enough that exercising was so not on the agenda last week. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy – Princess Nagger and I just got rid of our colds and both woke up this morning with their return. I’m sure the yo-yo weather probably has something to do with that! And thanks for reminding me – it’s been a while since I’ve made spaghetti, I think it’s time! 🙂

    Your song choices were fun! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    This Kiss says I’m a Positive Thinker but Not That Girl to Whistle at a Man On Fire

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon & Happy Anniversary. That’s the second one today! Love your choices though. I watched that cartoon when I was a kid too and I never got to see Disney’s Haunted Castle. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I know that I am more than a day late, and I certainly know I am way more than a dollar short, too, but just wanted to stop by. You Halloween songs are terrific! Have a great week.

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