Friday Confessional – Friday Schmiday

PhotobucketI don’t know where the post for linking up is but here’s my contribution.

I confess… it’s been hard getting back to running. I copped out Wednesday and did the elliptical. It was raining and I was scared that if something really bad happened, I’d be miles from home and lying on the ground in agonizing pain.

I confess… the elliptical was just fine; I did it all out for 50 minutes and felt great. Which means I pretty much have to do my five miles today. But then it’ll be over and I can go to the mall, which is my reward.

I confess… I’m bailing on an event with friends tonight in lieu of running and shopping. I have no interest in being social. In fact, my mother was kicking around the idea of coming up and I actually told her I was not in the mood for company. Luckily, she wasn’t mad at me for saying so, which is a change for her.

I confess… we watched the (technically 4th) Ninja Turtles movie last night and it was actually pretty good. I guess I have a soft spot for those guys from my childhood.

I confess… I finished all my work really early today so I am just wasting time until my half-day begins.

I confess… I am now going to shop for Halloween decorations and then get my ass outta here!

2 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Friday Schmiday

  1. I sometimes feel like being alone, doing my own thing – I don’t blame you!

    We were laughing last weekend, my brother dug out all his old elementary school journals that the teachers made us do, and in his younger grades, all he did was talk about Ninja Turtles and draw pictures of them.

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