Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Bats, Boys, Beaches


Seriously Shawn

Oh Tuesday, I really do love you. No, really. Please, let me love you…

  • It’s always good to come home from a vacation, no matter how long or short. Our beach getaway was exactly what I needed.
  • You know what’s funny about the beach? It’s that any old schmoe can go, so you always see some weirdos; beach bums and other freaks. When we went down to read Saturday morning, a boy and a girl – who couldn’t be more than 17 – were sitting on the lifeguard stand. She had bleached hair with blue highlights and he was sporting the scruffy emo look; they had a guitar and bag of snacks and every so often they’d get down and take pictures of each other posed with the guitar or splashing in the water. That is, until the beach patrol came by and told them not to camp out on the lifeguard stand. Silly hippies.
  • SO, Dark Knight Rises was pretty fun. BUT, it really didn’t have the same intense feel as the other two. To me, it felt like a step outside the Nolan version. I still think he did a nice job with what he was given (in the face of NO Joker option) but there were plot holes and omissions from canon that I cannot reconcile.
  • I have but one boy this week and it’s SO weird to have to only deal with him. It’s quieter, he goes to bed a good two hours earlier than Ell so my evenings are freer, and it just makes me realize how much chaos there is with two children. I cannot imagine if we had more; my brain very well may have exploded.
  • I got the daycare call late yesterday saying Isaac’s eyes were crusty and puffy and looked like headed towards pink eye. I started him on drops but today, they are still not really red. Allergies?
  • Have I mentioned that marathon training has begun? Yup, I have to log 25 miles this week, including a 9 miler on Sunday. One day at a time is my motto. It’s the only way to make it through without killing myself. (i.e. becoming incredibly depressed and skipping runs.)
  • My mother’s birthday is the 31st and since she’ll be bringing Elliot back this Thursday, that’s my opportunity to give her a gift. Any ideas? I wanted to get her a new digital camera but even a cheap one is not possible right now. So what do you get a 63 year old woman who isn’t all that materialist? Please, I am dying to know your thoughts!

Boy have I got a treat for you. I have found a new source for super rugged men, so you get something special today!  Tom Hardy, whom I don’t find inherently sexy but can be, depending on the role. I certainly liked him as Bane in Batman.

7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Bats, Boys, Beaches

  1. Allergies for sure can make your eyes very red, but with kids rubbing at their itchy eyes then something more can develop. I know what you speak of when you refer to the quietness of one child. After our DDs moved out, I could not believe how quiet it was around here, but that kind of quietness was really sad for me initally. I have adjusted since that time. lol I’m not sure how I’ll react when DS finally moves out. 😦

  2. Any kind of a getaway is awesome – no matter how long it is, particularly if it’s at the beach where you can people watch ‘interesting’ people. 😉

    No way! Your mom’s birthday is the 31st? My mom’s birthday is the 31st! Too funny! I got her a nice necklace for her birthday (she’ll be turning 67 but looks like she’s still in her 50’s). She seemed to love it (I gave it to her early when we were in Seattle instead of my traditional mode of sending her gift late…heh!). It’s really hard to buy for someone who already has what they need and aren’t materialistic, isn’t it? 🙂

    Hope Isaac is just having allergies and that it isn’t the start of pink eye, poor thing!

    Heat and Sleep, Ice Cream Fun, Compliment, BlogHer ’12 and I’m With Stupid – RTT Rebel

  3. My mom’s birthday is Sunday–the 29. She turns 68 or -10 depending on her counting(she started counting backwards when she it 29). We are having her over for dinner and I usually get her a gift card to the local bookstore/video store so she can get herself something she wants. Shopping for her is so hard.

    Things are quiet with only one kid. Amazing how much noise two small boys can create.

  4. I felt the same about my get-away this weekend – it really makes you appreciate home!

    I’ve yet to get out to see the Dark Night Rises…I really want to go, hopefully next week on my holidays! 🙂

  5. I’m so impressed by your running! 25 miles this week? Eek! You know, Shutterfly had a deal on their photo books the other day. If you have the time to put one together, they are REALLY nice.

  6. Could you make your mom a bead necklace? Maybe if you take some pictures of the grandkids, insert them into bottle caps with modge podge, and string them up, it will be something unique that doesn’t cost too much.

    Okay, now I am curious about the Batman movie. I’ve been waiting to see it, since we haven’t had babysitters available, but your discussion of the canon has me curious. I hate it when they mess with the ‘verse!

    When my son is not here, the silence is deafening. It’s refreshing for awhile, but then I start to miss the noise!

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