Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – So happy it’ll make you puke edition


Seriously Shawn

Psst, hey you. Yeah you. It’s Tuesday, don’t you know? Time to spin it random-like.

  • I mentioned it yesterday but,  you guys, seriously I was in an exceptionally good mood most of the weekend. I haven’t felt like that in SO long. I had hope and a floating feeling that things were going to be good like they once were and… and… it was amazing.
  • For a while there, I think I was so depressed and so downtrodden that even food didn’t bring me joy. It was all tasteless and I didn’t care what I ate. But after I turned the corner, food is magical once again. The Bonefish on Friday was like manna from heaven and the burgers and fries on Saturday were mouth-wateringly delicious. I love to eat and it’s great when food can satisfy that craving for not just sustenance but pure base enjoyment.
  • I mentioned it in Friday’s post but the heat’s pissing me off more than normal. I have these grand delusions that we’ll go back to playing in the front yard and taking walks like we were just a couple months earlier but it’s just too damned sweltering to do it.
  • And I feel awful for not walking my two dogs; after Iggy, I’ve wanted to make it up to them, in some weird way. I’ve been giving them more treats, more attention. When you have dogs and then kids come along, those poor creatures simply take a back seat. It’s not something I wanted to happen but it did. But it’s not too late.
  • I still like summertime and can’t wait for our mini-vaycay in a couple weeks (wherein we drop the kids off at the grandparents’ and Ash and I sit on a beach for two days) but I am juuust about to that time where visions of Fall start floating around: cooler temps, leaves changing color, the slew of holidays. Even though those kind of stress me out, I love everything Autumn. I’m now going to spam some Fall photos from last year:
  • Love those darned kids. Hoping they’re enjoying the summer, even without too many activities.
  • The other night during my hill run – so, a different course – I saw two hawks, probably about as big as Zoey, who is 22 pounds, facing off. They stood facing each other but slightly to their sides. They eyed each other for a bit, then squawked and pranced about. I stood there for about two minutes watching them spar; it was very cool.
  • I may do hills again today, if my legs don’t feel like they might break into multiple pieces. Hills can really kill, I tell you that much.
  • Today was one of those mornings where I woke up thinking about a million little tasks that I have to get done. I kind of hate that; I’d rather ease peacefully into the morning, shower, and then kickstart my brain.
  • Ah well, guess I’ll have to settle for the calming salve of Jay Parks:

10 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – So happy it’ll make you puke edition

  1. Tighty whities never looked so good.
    I don’t really want to admit it but the way I’m feeling right now, it might be from running. I hate running, but am liking the other benefits.

  2. I’m right with you thinking of the autumn splendor. It’s just too hot! It makes me wonder if winter will be equally as cruel. Living in the south you just never know what will happen, though. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I’m getting there…the thoughts of Autumn tug at my brain, and I say, ‘Go away, it’s barely summer yet’…but Fall is my favourite too, and I’m secretly excited for it to get here!!

  4. What a wonderful picture to end your post with! Tasteful, but dreamy!

    You have beautiful children. They look like they bring you lots of joy.

  5. okay! Third times a charm!! I have the hardest time logging into word press. I think I have it fixed!! I couldn’t even get thru with Twitter this time. Geez!

    I love to travel in the fall. it’s so much nicer. the crowds are smaller. when the temps have been has high as 109 and crowd not only is bothersome but smelly!!

  6. It is hotter than hades isn’t it?

    I try, and usually fail, to give my fur babies the attention they need and deserve, it’s just challenging to fit it all in, don’t beat yourself up too bad.

    Do you just google drool worthy men? Seriously!

    Thanks for linking up with us and have a better week!

  7. Bonefish is nice, when it’s not crazy busy. It happens to be the most popular restaurant in our area – but they really do make the best martini’s. I remember before I had kids – gosh I guess that must be like 4 -5 years ago, when their martini’s were only $5.50. I was dismayed to find that recently they are over $7.00! But then again, when do I have time for a martini? Once a year?? I guess I can afford a little more for that time span. Hope you feel better.

  8. Depression sucks. I’m sorry that you’ve been dealing with that. I hope your week is going as well as your weekend. It doesn’t matter my mood–food is always my go-to place for comfort. I’m surprised I don’t weigh 100 pounds more than I do!!

    Have a great week and as always, thanks for linking up!!

  9. You know, just looking at that pumpkin patch picture made me cooler. Excellent thinking there. It’s finally hot here in LA – the upper 80s, which doesn’t sound bad until you hear that we don’t have an air-conditioner! So glad that you’re happy!

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