Writer’s Workshop – Thief!

Mama’s Losin’ It’s weekly writer’s Meme!

3.) Write about a time you stole something.

I was a good kid. I hated getting in any sort of trouble at school and I was usually  the kid in charge to make sure no one else did. Heck, I was a hall monitor! But the very first time I officially stole an item was in 8th grade. I liked a boy named Tony Long and he rode his bike about, oh, maybe 10-15 blocks all the way to my house and then we’d ride around my neighbourhood. There was a comic book shop and a Blockbuster Video and a Walgreens pretty close by so we frequented those places. One day when we were browsing the candy aisle at the store, Tony thought it would be fun to steal some Airheads. The blue ones, if I remember correctly.

It’s not that we didn’t have money; I always had money from something – chores or babysittting or grandparents – so it was the thrill of taking something illegally. I knew it was a bad idea and my conscience was screaming at me to just stop quickly jamming that gummy blue candy into my pocket but we did and he took more and we tried to be as cool as possible when we walked out. I don’t even remember if I looked at the cashier as we left but I know once we were on our bikes, we pedaled like mad back to my house and I felt guilty for the entire day!

Tony is one of those guys I can’t reconnect with on Facebook. Through a friend I did find on FB who stayed in Hollywood way after most of my other friends, I found out that he joined the military after high school. I sometimes wonder what paths he chose. Not all people who commit juvenile offenses turn out badly, I know, but  can’t help wonder, you know?

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Thief!

  1. I’m a thief, too…of sorts. So I enjoyed reading this one. But I also have the same guilty conscience as you and would have let that tiny act of defiance ruin my day as well. Amazing the moments that stay with us from childhood.

  2. The first time I ever shoplifted something doesn’t stick in my mind. I do remember when my little brother did it though.

  3. I think we all have a similar story. Candy is just so tempting… but taking it back and telling the truth to the store is horrible and not worth the candy sweets. At least in my book.

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