Monthly Goal recap/April Goals

So, I decided not to do WWTK today because my Easter answers are boring. We don’t have any cool traditions and the meal we had when I was home was always just ham. These days, I hide plastic eggs for the kids and they do baskets but otherwise, just another day.

So I’ll recap my March monthly goals and see how many I accomplished, as indicated by a strikethrough.

  • Get my ass to the gym I previously blogged about for TRX training
  • Lose at least 2-3 pounds
  • Set money aside for my tattoo
  • Cut out sweets entirely (after I finish these Thin Mints 🙂 )
  • Finish the Photo A Day challenge that began today
  • Get more organized by writing things down in a notebook I’ll *actually* look at
  • Don’t nag my children as much

My boss and I were talking about just how quickly March flew by. It’s amazing how fast it goes when everything is jam-packed. I had so many papers to grade in March that I honestly don’t know how I didn’t pass out from sheer exhaustion. I felt up against a deadline for weeks in a row, struggling to get everything into each 24 hour day. And I was stressed out. I’m OK now and want to set forth some April goals, but be a little more reasonable. What was I thinking trying to lose 2 pounds?!? Anyway, April goals:

  • Successfully execute Isaac’s second birthday
  • Get tattoo
  • Fertilize the yard
  • Build back up to 6 or 7 miles on weekends
  • Get a bit of a tan

See now, these seem like reasonable goals!

2 thoughts on “Monthly Goal recap/April Goals

  1. It’s nice when “reasonable” is interchangeable with “awesome,” as in this case. 🙂 Happy tattoo!

  2. I AGREE about March. Just BLEW by. I don’t feel like I got anything done, it’s a drag. Can’t wait to see the tattoo!

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