Happy List – 3 Day Weekend edition

Hey y’all, happy weekend! Here’s my list o’ happy: stuff that brought a slight bit of joy to my otherwise long and annoying week.

  • I may have mentioned this but Isaac doing great his first (half) week at the new daycare makes me extremely happy. I had to drop off some Tylenol for his teething and all the girls in the office were raving about how sweet he is. A mom just can’t hear that enough!
  • Lunch with my friend, Catherine. We had hibachi and chatted; it was exactly what my Friday needed.
  • Writing! I was able to write about 1000 words on the thing I am working on. I look at every change I make as progress and I changed a character’s name. That kind of made me feel productive.
  •  The 30 Day Song Challenge group on Facebook. I already like sharing music I like but the themed idea is pretty awesome.
  • Getting back into the groove of taking pictures. Some days, I don’t even pick up my camera because life is so hectic. When Ell and I went to the pool, I got some good shots.
  • And the last thing is Mamarzzi’s giveaway! She has a ton of free stuff she’s giving out, including Target gift cards. You should go and enter!

That’s all for now. Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend!


6 thoughts on “Happy List – 3 Day Weekend edition

  1. Oh i love taking pictures and its been a while since ive got some good shots think ill bring it out today 🙂 Glad ur little one is doing well in day care

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