Friday Confessional – Expletive-inducing edition

PhotobucketI confess... I am NOT in a good mood today. The alarm went off and Ash said he was going to sleep in a bit. I got up because Isaac was crying. And he was CRANKY. And then Ash still wasn’t up and it was getting late. And then he tells me he said he was going to sleep in for 2 hours. By that time, I had already gotten annoyed by him. And I left the house angry. Which I hate doing.

I confess… I left my wallet at home and had to go back for it.

I confess… I was nearly crying in the car listening to sob stories about all these tornadoes. It’s ridiculous. And it makes me feel both blessed and guilty.

I confess…I may have said “asshole” in front of my children.

I confess… last night at Elliot’s end of year party at the pool, I got thoroughly disgusted with one of the other moms. She is taller, thin and actually has a great figure. And she was all, “Oh, I wouldn’t want anyone to have to see me in a bathing suit.” Oh, shove off, wench.

I confess… I need a long nap, a hot bubble bath, and a deliciously naughty book to right this mood I am in.

Ok, there you have it. I’m off to grumble and maybe cause trouble on the internets. You know, pick fights in forums, etc. I do hope you all have a good three day weekend (if your job grants it) and meanwhile, I’ll try to turn this frown upside down.

10 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Expletive-inducing edition

  1. Aw – I’m sorry you’re having a rough day 😦

    I’ve been in a pretty rotten mood all week myself, but I’m so thrilled it’s Friday I don’t think anything can ruin it for me (although it is only 9:00)

    I hope your weekend goes better for you, go get your book and get ready for a nap! Then of course when you have your tubby time, be sure to compliment it with a nice glass of some kind of alcoholic beverage! 🙂

  2. About those horrible storms…same here. I just watched a story about a man who died to save the life of his wife by holding her and taking the brunt of the debris. It made me cry because I know my husband would do the same and I hope we are never in that situation! Guilt is normal, feeling lucky is normal. It’s definitely a warning to take those storms seriously. And I’m going to try to donate some $ to the Red Cross as soon as I’m able.

  3. I hate it when Nick does not get up when he first says he will. I hate being his alarm clock.
    Add a nice glass of wine to that list and you have the perfect afternoon/evening.

  4. Sorry your life is sucking right now. I can relate. I haven’t been sleeping much so I’ve been vacillating between rabidly crabby and a weeping mess all week.

    I can’t stand skinny, attractive women that complain about their appearance. They can all bite me.

    I hope your weekend is fantastic and Ash lets you sleep in. 😉

  5. I hope you can snap out of the rude mood..let me tell you I haven’t been my usual perky self…..I’ll get back there one day….right now I want to wallow in my crankiness. Have an awesome weekend.

  6. My week has kinda got me in a bad mood too 😦

    I know what you mean about all those tornados. We had really bad weather here last night, and I couldn’t sleep worrying about if we might be next for a tornado. NC, GA, AL….I can’t help but think SC is gonna run out of luck soon.

  7. Bad days stink. I hope your weekend has gotten better.

    I totally hate it too, when think folks say no one should see them…particularly when they are 18 and haven’t had children. (I work with college age students) I mean, I sag in places that I didn’t know could sag. UGH!

    Best wishes for a good memorial day!

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