Friday Confessional – What’s it gonna be, Friday? Huh?



Ok guys, time to spend some couch time with the folks above and let it all loose.

I confessI did something really stupid and clumsy yesterday. I was loading my *finally* fixed vacuum into the back of my car and an attachment fell off. My reflexes told my arm to reach out to catch it but in the meantime, the foot or so of the hose extension that is hard plastic came out of its docking area and bashed me in my nose…hard. So hard I saw stars and couldn’t see clearly for a second. I composed myself, looked around to see if anyone was watching, then got in my car and cried. Then I went home, only to realize my nose was bleeding. And it didn’t stop being bloody for about an hour. I have never had a nose bleed so I had no idea what to do. It was an awful lunch break!

I confess… I let Elliot wear the shirt portion of his Spider Man Underoos to school today because I don’t need THAT argument first thing in the morning.

I confess… It’s going to be really had to sit in my office and work this afternoon when it’ll be 79 and sunny outside and college kids will be in various states of undress, throwing Frisbees, soaking their toes in the nearby fountain, etc. I am dreading this afternoon.

I confess… I’m still doing it: reciting that prayer every time I type a new confession. And in that, I feel a little guilty about having not gone to church in a really long time, if you don’t count Christmas.

I confess…I have been a real crankypants all week long.

I confess…I totally cried in my car when I heard about the man poisoning the 130 year old oak trees on Auburn’s campus. Not only for those poor trees but because, humanity, really?? You wonder why I hate people sometimes….

I confess… I don’t really want to go to this baby shower tomorrow that I am committed to. Mostly because the girl is the kind of person who has a ton of rich family members so she already got everything she could possibly need. My gift won’t count for much.

I confess… I am kind of worried about the full moon. Evey night this week it has seemed full but it’s official today. I am always in a strange state when it’s full. Also, I wouldn’t shop today. Retail customers always act like assholes on full moons.

I confess… Though I am relatively broke, I am heading over to Etsy to buy something. I feel like I need to treat myself

Alrighty, y’all. Have a great weekend. See you on the flip side.

12 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – What’s it gonna be, Friday? Huh?

  1. I’m with ya on the staying in when it’s so beautiful outside. I think I’m going to jump-start my day with a walk in the sunshine!

    Being a crankypants is allowed from time to time…run with it!

  2. Ow ow ow!! Sorry about your nose and the whole incident! Sounds painful…I hate days like that.

    Funny about the Spidey underoos…you’re right, some things are just not worth the argument!

    I’ve been a cranky pants deluxe. So, I feel ya.

    I LOVE the full moon…it was gorgeous last night!! Can’t wait for tonight’s show! πŸ™‚

    Go buy yourself something on Etsy…you totally deserve it!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I sure hope your nose is feeling better!

    I always feel inadequate when I go to a shower for someone who already has everything they need. Really? Why do they do that to us “normal” people?

  4. Yikes in the nose! 😦 I hope it didn’t bruise, if it were me my whole face would’ve been black!

    I feel the same way about EVERY babyshower I go to. Seems like every one I go to there’s about 100 guests and the simple little things I get seem insignificant compared to the nice/sentimental things family members or close friends get. Food is usually what motivates me in going, hah!

    Happy weekend!!!

  5. Treat yourself! You deserve it!

    I totally get not wanting to fight the clothing battle in the mornings. If only I could send my child to school in his pjs….

  6. I have totally done the same thing with the pajama shirt. I have also let my daughter leave the house wearing clothes inside out and backwards, as she “likes it that way” and sometimes I just dont want to fight.

  7. Ouch! So sorry about your nose. That sounds horrible. I so miss underroo’s my boy used to play Superman in those and now he is a college boy throwing one of those Frisbee’s. Time sure does fly. But I still remember the fights so good for you. Pick those battles.. their will be plenty that will count.

    So sad about the trees.. Sometimes I wonder what is happening to the human race that makes them disregard life (human and other) so poorly. It makes my heart hurt when I hear things like that. Well I hope your nose feels better soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Ouch! Not fun at all! Sorry about your nose!

    I agree, some fights are just not worth it. Choose your battles!

    Oooo, etsy! Love that place! Great deals on fabric!! I have to start buying stuff for baby. I’m making just about everything for him. I need to get a start on it!

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